Monday, December 3, 2012

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.  Psalm 23:4
This is the time of the year where millions will be planning and preparing, decorating and singing and spending unnecessarily. Most are full of hope and joy. But there are millions more who are in despair. No family or friends. No home to call their own. No food to fill their bodies and no covering from the elements. I am reminded everyday just how close we all are from living a life poverty. Millions around the world are in a fight and its not the good fight but, the fight for life. Its not the fight to protect and honor instead a fight to live one more day or not. Though many are employed, have health insurance, have roofs over their heads, cars to drive, food to eat. There millions more who do not. Millions awake tormented by there mental and physical pain and disappointments. Some received and will receive unwelcomed news from a doctor or lawyer, neighbor, friend or family. Someone did not wake up today.  

Looking back to see ahead for some is not an option or choice.  Seeing the joy in today is clouded.

All of us have missed the mark in many ways we have become lazy, inconsiderate and disobedient to the mission God intended and God's word. Can you raise your hand? I can. Accountability we will not get away from when its time. This is the time to take inventory and be thankful. Not the arrogant type of thankfulness but that thankfulness that makes your heart break because you know where you were and where you are even though you do not know where your going. Thankful for those who helped you.

This is the time to stop talking and take action, to be honest about what it means to love others and Praise God.  Not that kind of love where someone loves you back or praise when one of your favorite spirituals come on, no. Its the kind of love that speaks when you have not said a word or the praise that breaks out right in the middle of your drive home in traffic or while you are preparing a meal or looking into someone's eyes seeing their smile but knowing their cry. Praise is release. Psalm 146. Praise warns satan. The praise is release in knowing you have no control in this life and knowing Who is, Jesus and Jesus alone.

It is yet again time to look at ourselves and love others. Luke 10:30-37.  Look to God's hand in the creation of life. Look to God for power, vision and change because without change there will be no growth. The change can come in many forms. For example, while shopping for your family, shop for your local food bank or your church food bank, they will need food 365 days a year not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. Matthew 6:1-4. While pumping your gas, add a few dollars to someone else's gas tank. While visiting the dollar menu at McDonald’s think about and seek out a homeless person and share a meal, they may not have eaten in days. Go to the homeless shelters and nursing homes and serve, this is where history is. Where loneliness lives and waits to die. Clean out your closet and pass it along. Serve.

You can be the light ACTIVELY that Jesus commanded. No one can see your light behind closed doors.

The moral of this story is this, we are not alone.