Saturday, August 3, 2013

Looking Back To Move Forward

One would say that in order to move forward you can not look back. I disagree. I believe that in order for you to know with out a shadow of doubt where you are going, you must look back. You must look back to evaluate how you've gotten to the place where you are right now. Were those steps productive? Did you win or loose? Did you abuse another to get where you are? Did you lie, steal or cheat your way to where you are right now? Did you learn valuable lessons on life or did you just go with the flow, being a follower or an attention seeker? Most are followers. Many are attention seekers but few are true leaders by example. These are the ones to watch. The ones who are DOING exactly what it is that you desire to do. Those who are in the spots in life productively where you wish to be. Now mind you, you must be careful to not want exactly what they have because the truth of the matter is, you have no clue as the hell they may have endured to get where they are. The word of God tells us in Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Think on that for a while. My suggestion is know your worth and value. Know your passion as it will and can contribute to a greater good. Don't settle for the status quo, be a part of a click or participate because everyone else is. You must stand apart and alone in your quest for greatness. Not the arrogant type of greatness. But the greatness God has already prepared for you. You see if you are not lined up with Gods will, all of your efforts will ultimately be all works of vanity, which will not last.

When I say stand alone, this does not mean that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish alone. It means that in standing alone you must first know yourself and what your goal is. Use the alone time to prepare and execute and educate. Knowledge is power. You can not allow others to dictate to you what your purpose is in life. This comes from seeking God and His direction, this comes from standing on His promises and not being puffed up by others who don't even know themselves. Especially woman. Most woman are influenced by their woman friends and associates, some positive many negative. Its the generational curses that fuel. Most woman have low self-esteem thus acting out their own personal drama and pain. Wearing a mask. This can be seen by watching how a woman will carry herself, how she speaks, how she dresses, what she allows into her life and who she allows in her life. I know, I was there. But praise be to God that I grew up and took a hard look at myself and asked myself those hard questions and accepted the real uncut raw truth. I messed up. That is knowing yourself and your value. Example, you can not dress like a hooker and expect a man to treat you with respect. So, forgive yourself and others and start again. Do that which is your passion and share that with the world. Its your non-verbal testimony.

The time has been here, not come for us to stand up and really make a difference. We must not jump on the next band wagon moment because it looks good and we must not stay in the familiar of the dark pit that many of us stay close to. Ummm. That is how many millions of people lost their hard earn money due to that get rich quick scheme. See my point. Don't be gullible or naive. Don't take wooden nickles, don't settle or compromise your worth. We must be specific in our quests. Educate yourself on your passion. Seek out a mentor who is doing or has done what you wish to do and learn from them. Keep a journal. Now don't cross your eyes. Keeping a journal is not hard. Its just sitting down in some quiet area and putting down your thoughts a line at a time. Start with baby steps and in doing so you will see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. You will feel the peace in your spirit and when you, you will have that ah ha moment. It will take time, sweat, money and patience to use your greatness. 

If you follow Gods plan, you will succeed because He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. Run the race and don't grow weary in well doing and the well doing is what we all must do. 

Well what are you waiting for?