Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebration Of Life

Looking back over my life I can honestly say I did good shoot, I did better than good. Loosing my mother at 16 and me being a teenage mother I didn't crumble, crash and burn. Oh I did a zig when I should have made that zag. I believed too many lies and did not pay attention to the sirens warning me to run for the hills.

I have made plenty of mistakes and many I wish I could go back and reverse, but God knew the plans he had for me because His word says that our steps are ordered. I have learned a lot about the psychological makeup of people including myself and that is why nothing surprises me anymore. I am not easily tricked up even though I may act like I don't see it, I do. I expect nothing and appreciate everything. Though I may be different, I celebrate my different because it and God has saved my life.  Bad choices and learned lessons. At 52 there are things that no longer matter as they did when I was young and impressionable.

Looking back, all I can say is thank you Lord for seeing me through. Maturity is not based on age it is based on the wisdom you gain that makes you mature if used.  I no longer beg others to be in my life. I know longer enable others but rather I hope to encourage. As God's word says, only a fool despises wisdom.

I will keep learning because there is greatness in me and I pray that you will see the greatness in you and celebrate it.

Don't let others hold you hostage to your mistakes by placing blame. Don't allow the chains of regret and bondage to hold you hostage to your past. It is gone. It is done. It is finished. The victory was won on the cross. Forgive yourself because God has already forgiven you. Ask for forgiveness if you can and if is not granted move on, you did your part. Don't worry about who is there for you. If God is for us, who can be against us? And let me tell you, God is for us and with us.

Throw yourself a party even if it is only you and God. Two are better than one and what better partner could you have.

Be Blessed


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    1. Amen indeed Sheryl. Thank you for stopping by.

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    1. Amen indeed Kay. Thank you so much for stopping in. Lord Bless

  3. Great blog post. Looks like you made it to me. Be blessed today!

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