Sunday, June 18, 2017

Conquered Love

5 am. I was sleeping and the Holy Spirit ushered me awake and this is the blog post that results from that obedience. I don't feel much love. I love me, God loves me, and I know few who love me, but what I give in my understanding of love, my cup is half empty. I'm not sad about it rather, I'm elated that if I can't have authentic and genuine love, I don't want the worthless  alternative. I'm not talking about man meets woman and they fall in love kind of love. Im talking about a genuine and true compassion, a fulfilling type love. I'm talking about the encouragement and motivation type love. I'm taking about like minds marching towards a purpose type love, together. Is that even possible without selfishness and conditions? I don't see it. I'm talking about true and authentic love. Oh, many claim and start, but they seldom finish only to change tracks in the middle of the journey.

As the years pass, I now see people for who they only have their capacity to be. I dont always speak on it, but because of the inate awareness, I can see the jagged edges early on because I too was once a severely jagged edge. Torn and tattered. I have learned that what love is to one is not necessarily the same love for another. I have learned that loyalty for many is only contingent on what they can siphon for themselves, draining the other emotionally and taking the other for granted. My early years took on an exhilarated jaunt around love not truly knowing what love was until I listened and studied not just The Holy Scriptures, but material related to the art of love. Knowledge is powerful when used.

1 Corinthians chapter 13 sheds the largest beckon of light on what love IS and what it is NOT. It is the foundation and precursor to the arrival of Jesus Christ and his message; Love your neighbors as you would love yourself found in Matthew chapter 22. Oh how broken hearted Jesus would be, angry as when he flipped the sellers tables in the synagogue square seeing the lack of love. Seeing the hatred, selfishness and greed that is the normal of today. Seeing the high mindedness of the nations. Seeing many claim to love God, but have no love for their fellow man or woman regardles of how they desire to live. Seeing brokenness, homelessness, hunger, abuse, abandonment without one thought. Quick to reject, but failing to provide. Jesus however in spirit sees it all from the right hand seat of The GREAT I AM who also sees and know this, just as the names can be added to the Book of life so they can also be removed, blotted out.

What I have painfully experienced is that a person can be rejected and ignored due to differences without getting clarity and without listening to understand instead of listening to respond. Family is like toilet water flushed down the drain of separations to unknown degrees. Parents not understanding and respecting their children. Children ignoring and disrespecting their parents. No values, boundaries or limits. No accountability or accepting responsibility. Sex is the motivator  and destroyer for those unaware of their value. None of this is secret as Timothy so eloquently warned in 2 TImothy chapter 3. I thank my big sister Vernice for sharing this valuable scripture with me when I was around 17. I didn't know it then, but she laid the foundation for what became a powerful lens into human kind and the warning God provided so many centuries ago. It has come to pass.

My brothers and sisters, I don't know who these words are for, but I sense the urging to share that this selfish type of love and living must end and we must, one man and one woman at a time, get back to true love. Love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We must position ourselves for that which will last and not the earthly that will desintergrate and moths will eat, knowing that we take nothing with us with that last exhale. I encourage you to read Matthew chapter 20. Evaluate what should be important and take action immediately as we know tomorrow is not promised.

Know this, the blessings and curses of God are both sure.

Be Blessed