Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Over the past few months, I have been up and down. In a month I will be 50 and also feeling the loss of my big sister Leslie who would have also celebrated her birthday 3 days after mine.  I have removed people from my life that held no purpose, drama of any kind is not my strong suit.  I have to say that my testimony is one of courage and strength.  I love solitude to a degree that if you gave me a choice to hang with my sisters or stay home alone, I choose home alone.  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Love it.  Not because of any particular reason, just that I like me wait, I love me and my company.  Its my time to detox from a busy work week, voices, conversations, lunch room hellos, impatient drivers and stop lights.  Being an introvert, I have no need to be in the mix however, I am humble enough to do what God says do when it comes to others because it's not about me.   So today, I am not at my much loved church.  I am praising, reading, meditating and networking. Sharing the word and taking some much wanted time to myself.

In my solitude I read to fill my head with knowledge of some kind, I write to leave a legacy for my family and I am putting together a jigsaw puzzle of the Twin Towers before they were so tragically destroyed.  I have always wanted a picture of the Twin Towers both day and at night.  I have the border complete minus one  piece, why is it that one is always missing? Maybe because I bought it for a dollar at a yard sale. LOL

While doing a process of elimination on the pieces, I thought about life and how our lives are just like puzzles.  We try this or that and it does not work.  We go here or there, that is not a fit. We go through life all in the hope of finding and holding onto things and people that we think should fit.  That is not God.  God did not create us to fit and He surely did not create this life so that everything would fit and work out the way we want.  James chapter 1 lets us know that we will go through many things and its all a test of our faith. So get this, life is not a bowl of cherries and you are not being picked on. It is however already marked. God has created and positioned each step of your path and if you follow the lane He has provided for you and you alone, you will end up at the right destination.  There is one thing, if you are not reading and meditating on Gods word, you can not know what He has for you. Hint!!!! Will the travel be easy? No. You will have breakdowns, leaks, flat tires and foggy windows and you will need many repairs along the way.  The end result will be a well maintained masterpiece, a classic, a treasure, you. Remember no one can be you or do you like you.  So be happy with yourself and if your not happy, get with the program.  Look around you at the homeless, jobless, hungry, cold and mentally vacant.  It could be worse.  Forget the things of the past and do what God says, look to the future and while looking to the future, live in the present, the now, the right here at this very moment.  Be grateful, be humble to serve and give back.  You can not walk around with catchers mitts on both hands, you must be able to fast pitch back.  Look down to lift up. Speak kind words or keep your mouth shut because the cahos you speak, you will life.  Proverbs 81:21. Make that phone call you have been thinking about.  Hug someone, shoot I love a good hug and I love giving them too.

The moral of this blog is this, live your life to its fullest where ever you are and remember, someone did not wake up this morning. 

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