Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pride - The Internal Death

Everyday that God blesses me to wake up I am reminded of His goodness.  Many did not get this realization, they passed away. Their soul and body are no longer present within the living.  To keep this reminder allows me to focus yet again on the tasks that God has set in my spirit and path.  To acknowledge the all knowing, always present God keeps me focused on always doing the work needed to accomplish the ultimate task, building the kingdom of God.  Take for example.  Pride is destructive, I know because I fight daily in the flesh to avoid prideful behavior and thoughts, I don't always win.  Being prideful if not checked will cause failure. Failure of growth keeping one stagnated and stuck.  Children learn from the parent or parents. Our children are a gift from God and when we abuse that gift, destruction and generational curses rise.  I can not for the life of me understand why an adult would physically abuse a child.  What satisfaction can one gain from torturing a defenseless human being with verbal, mental and sexual abuse.  My heart grieves for these innocents.  

There are so many who not allowed to enjoy the blessings of their children or grand children because of pride and selfishness, this must stop. It does take a village. There are many single mothers and fathers who are angry and because of that anger, has taken it upon themselves to exclude and due to that exclusion who suffers, the children. Many benefits are being ignored because pride has crept into the very soul of many who feel that the only way to control is to eliminate and ignore those who want to be a vital participant in a child’s life.  I know because I am faced with this very issue.  But I have learned to not dis pare. I have learned that it is not my responsibility to force another to participate in my life or allow me to participate in theirs so, I pray and speak life into all of the children affected by this insulting act, pridefulness and selfishness.  I habitually ask God to forgive and release His power of protection and grace not just for the offenders but the offended ones. I ask God to bring home all of the missing children who have been taken and trust me there are so many children who have been kidnapped.  I ask God to bring to light that which many think is hidden in the dark because nothing is hidden from God, He knows all things.  I ask God to show me the direction that I should go in doing what I know He requires me to do even if it is behind the scenes for His ways are truly better than my ways and His thoughts are no doubt higher then my thoughts.

Taking another for granted only leads to a major disappointment for the one who is doing that taking because the reality is, if you are not doing what is right by others surely what is right will not be done unto you.  Its the eye for an eye. 

Some are prideful because they do not want to reveal whats inside of them or what trials they are facing for fear of embarrassment. They do not want to allow others to know whats gong on behind the scenes of their life because of gossipers and finger pointers. You know those ones who will help you but talk about you behind your back. I know its  happened to me.  Such as being hungry and not asking for food. Like being in some kind of need and not wanting to ask for help with that need for fear that others will look down on them or worst, ignore it.  Its a learned behavior. How can I say that? Because I know what it feels like, I have been there. When I have been in need, I asked for help and it was ignored or better yet some would know of the need but ignored it and did not offer to help. 

 So when you face that kind of upset you find yourself keeping your stuff to yourself OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but God. God can make a way out of no way and He knows our every need and because of this He puts the motions in place and your need is met. Be the need of conversation, a smile, a hug, substance what ever the need God can and will provided if we trust and believe. Ain't God good. 

Proverbs says this about pride. Its leads to disgrace  Proverbs 11:2, pride produces arguments Proverbs 13:10, pride leads to punishment Proverbs 16:5, pride ends in downfall Proverbs 18:12 and pride brings one to humiliation Proverbs 29:23.   But humility can eliminate pride. Humility leads to wisdom, takes advise, leads to honor and ends in honor, humility brings one to honor.  All of these characteristics are in the same Proverbs.  Take it upon yourself to seek that wisdom and use it in your life, seek to include and remember what you do unto to others will be done unto you. Ask God to forgive you and offer forgiveness to others. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Walk with Him and allow Him to walk with you. Its that simple.  

May the grace of God keep us, guide us and protect us for in the end, to God be all the glory.  


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