Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Get Ready

For the past few months, I have been having dreams. Vivid and relational dreams. Dreams about large bodies of water, being surrounded by large bodies of water yet, no in fear. I should have been in fear because I don't swim and I do have a fear of water higher then my knees and even then, I am shaky. I have had dreams of my past and many who were in it. Like how I said “were”. Dreams are a part of all of us but do we know why we dream? Is it some deep emotional story trying to get out and be realized or a dream of caution, a beware. Something or someone beckoning you to press pause, stop or rewind and play? A dream of warning? If you read the story of Joseph in Genesis starting with chapter 27 and ending with 41, you will understand this post.

Genesis 41 is dear to me, here is why. In late 2006 I had a dream about 7 individuals that I know. It was not a warm and fuzzy dream, it was a dream of the familiar, of the pain, of sadness and regret. Devastation. I awoke to tears, actual tears meaning I was crying not only in this dream, I was in that present moment physically shedding tears. Fear was very present in my spirit. Insomnia came to visit and has never left only brought friends. I grabbed my bible and on the first turn I opened to the book of Genesis chapter 41. Seven. Seven fated calves, seven sickly calves, seven heads of good grain and seven heads of withered grain. Moral of that story is, you will have 7 years of good harvest and 7 years of famine, get ready. I say that in my deep Bishop T.D.Jakes voice. Get ready? Ready for what? My realization was death. My oldest Big Sister passed away months later March 2007. This was my turning point. God used a dream to get my attention so that I would be ready.

Get ready. God is speaking in His small still voice to His children, get ready. The media is busy showing millions what is happening in the world. Get ready. Amber alerts blast with the latest abduction, Get ready. Campaigns are starting for the many officials and your voter pamphlets have arrived. Get ready. Companies are continuing to close and many loosing jobs. Homes are still being foreclosed on meaning the homeless rate is still rising. Get ready. The suicide rate is staggering. Get ready.

God can and will use all of these events for His good. To wake us up. But you know, many are not paying attention. They are ignoring the call. Many think that they are living the life, got it made, wearing big boy and big girl pants. I shake my head at the many who's efforts are not on caring for others but selfish thought, word and action all for the sake of something that will fade away with time. Building for good lasts. Many woman no longer value themselves thus being even more devalued by men. Many men use their power, they use their power for negative results or, they don't use their power at all. Many men and woman are clueless as to the good power they have because of genertional curses. Children are being raised by dysfunctional mothers and fathers and these are our very leaders of tomorrow. When will it stop? When will the powerful realize their power and use it for good. To build and not destroy? To save a life and not kill? To eliminate starvation by feeding? If God can create a flood to destroy wickedness with the great flood, what makes you think that He will not do it again? He did do it only the next time he destroyed a city. Is it already starting? Will we be like John the Baptist who asked, Are you the Messiah we've been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone else?" Matthew 11:3.

Get ready. Take inventory of your position in life and use your goodness to build, to contribute good instead of chaos. How will you get ready? Its all in the preparation.

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