Monday, January 20, 2014

Remembering The Dream.

As a small child my mother and aunties talked to me about Martin Luther King Jr and all that he represented. I was made to read books about him, some I don't remember the names of and none that were used in school. It was then that I was taught that we being black can never be compartmentalized into a month or a day. It was then growing up that I learned more about the Icon then just the "I Have A Dream" speech. As I got older I understood and it was then that I felt sorry for our children, our people and our nation. They would never know and understand the full and complete scope of what this man meant to so many.  As a mother I tried to instill into my sons the value of who they are and that that value can never be taken away no matter the color of their skin or the shape of their nose or the texture of their hair, they will always have a voice and its not always the fists that talk.  So much has been lost but much more has been gained.

Children more often then not grow up into and as a result of their environment and up bringing. Lost but not gone are the days where woman respect themselves with no apology. Lost but not forgotten are the days where men led their families. Its now all about clubs and twerking, drinking and druging, dressing with less material and the new waist line for boys and grown men is now located at the knee caps. Unprotected sex and multiple sexual partners is the new love thang resulting in teenage pregnancies, daily test result readings for HIV/AIDS and deaths due to lack of saying no. Unwanted pregnancies by adult woman who fell in lust but call it love. Men walking away from structure and holding up in a mental cave due the daily lifes lashings on their manhood. Immoral sexual relationships and same sex marriages is law for many yet, still despised by God. Prayer is no longer accepted in our schools and the prison system is packed full of men, women and children and many are cashing in stock options because of the price on each head behind those very walls. It is not to late for our future generations or even for our current. It still takes a village but now the children are beating up their parents instead of the parents taking ownership and authority. When will the generational curses and self destruction end?

Unity was the mission. Diversity the goal. Equality demanded. They march and protest now but not like they did back in the days old.  All human race together and not segregated. When will we all see the dream and realize that it starts with one. With you. With me. With all of our voices being lifted up to sing until victory is won.  One good act can turn into a chain reaction for change.

There is a dream in each of us that can become the reality. Think about it and lift up your voice by any means necessary.

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