Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thoughts Of Wisdom

How hard is it for people to fully show up and be present, consistent and considerate? Growing up I trusted everyone to a fault. I believed without fear. I never really cared for too much except that which took me to the clubs, directed me to the liquor store and the weed house, crack never seemed attractive. I tried silently to be a part of the in crowed, though I wasn't a follower. I took what worked for me and tossed the rest. Yes, I was consistent in activities that could have taken my life, taken me away from my children and those that I would not have met. Taken me away from the course God had already planned for me. Those people that showed me how to be a woman, a mother, a friend, a prayer and a worshipper of God. My issue is the lack of consideration. My issue is with those who can not be consistent be it in my life or their own.

As I sit and think back, I also think forward. I take in the actions, movements and conversations. I process it all in an effort to understand. And in that understanding, I have grown to learn this one fact, it is all meaningless, hollow and void of any real value. That is the life lived without God. Solomon was a man who became King and when he became King he did not ask for more money, more material things or more woman to stock is already full herum. He asked God for wisdom. 2 Chronicles 1:1-17 NLT. Read the full story, but here I will point to verse 10 which reads, Give me wisdom and knowledge to rule them properly, for who is able to govern this great nation of yours. He did not have to seek God, God appeared to Solomon in a dream. That in itself lets me know that if we listen direction will come, if we listen.

My thought today is this. No matter the work of our physical hands and feet, all is meaningless without the divine direction and guidance of God and our full commitment to Him. No matter, if not pointed to Him and for Him, it is meaningless. No matter the monetary gain, that too is meaningless. I encourage you to look around and take in your surroundings, the people in your life, the activities and conversations you participate in, even the places you go. The shows you watch on television even the music you listen too. Evaluate the importance and its value. Clean out the clutter and meaningless and open up your door to wisdom. Seek it. Desire it and God will show up and grant it to you.

A wise woman (man) builds her house, a foolish woman (man) tears hers down with her own hands. Proverbs 14:1 
(The brackets are my emphasis becauae this verse relates to both women and men. God is no respecter of person).

Be transformed.

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