Friday, June 6, 2014

Mindset of Defeat

In all of the countless conversations that I have with others, the verbal implication is defeat. Defeat due to finances. Defeat due to relationships. Defeat due to loss of employment. Defeat due to past unresolved situations. Defeat because of what someone said or did. Defeat. Defeat and more defeat. So many have accepted the trials they are facing as final walking around with negative attitudes saying, this is who I am. Talking in such a way that it can make many not want to deal with them and if mentioned, they say well if you don’t like it don’t talk to me. This is sad and depressing. Defeat.

We do not have to live our lives this way. We do not have to allow the circumstances of life to form who we become negatively. We do not have to lie to ourselves and others that the way we act is who we are. We do however have the ability to live and speak positively.  Just like we choose what we will or will not eat, we also have the ability to choose the negative attitudes or positive. Nothing in our lives remain the same unless we want it that way.  The actions we take and the words we say, we own them be it good or bad.

I am reminded daily on how I can improve the quality of my life just by changing something as small as my thoughts and words. I am learning that it is best to remain silent and not waste my time arguing with a fool who refuses to listen to the wisdom og God's word. I am more so reminded as God's servant that others watch and listen to me. In the book of Proverbs you will find valuable life training to apply to your everyday life. You will see a lot mentioned about how we should speak and not speak even who we should speak too because words can either give life or take it.

No one wants to be around someone who is always negative, always angry about something and has nothing nice to say. No one wants to be around someone who cannot lift spirits and bring a smile. No man wants a woman who is just evil all the time for no reason. No woman wants to be involved with a man who does not know how to treat others. Makes for bad company. I would rather be alone then to just deal with anyone or anything. I have read somewhere, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything.  Put your foot down and change lanes.

Be a positive influence. Don't make excuses for your bad behavior.  Save lives and don't destroy them.  Are you making excuses for bad behavior? Have you allowed life’s circumstances to shape you into someone who is not likable but tolerated? Are you blaming others for your own actions or lack of action? You can fix it with God’s help. Ask Him to search you, forgive you and wash you.  He can place your feet on solid ground.

Be better today than you were yesterday.

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