Saturday, July 19, 2014


I am learning that many take God's word for granted, they misconstrued, and ignore it until hardship happens. Many ignore the fact that God is a god of order and obedience. Turning our lives over to Christ and accepting Him means we turn away from the old fleshly nature and behaviors and walk upright. Many believe that unequally yoked is only related to marriage, it is not.

Many only read a few scriptures on Sunday and dust collects during the week. Some do not take their Bible to church relying on the messanger. Just as we must eat daily food for physical nourishment, we also  must eat daily God's spiritual word to have a sustained life. We must die daily. We must decrease so that He can increase. Many are truly called but only a few will be chosen. God can use anyone but His word is clear about what He hates.

What I do understand is that most care more about how humans will accept and treat them more than how God feels and what He says. Sad state of affairs. Not all that say Lord Lord will enter. One day at a time be actively obedient. The opposite is hell.

Be Blessed

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