Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lord, I Thank You

As I sit here today thanking God for another year. There are only a few things I passionately desire. Family unity and unconditional love. I don't want them forced. I want them graciously free. I have seen a lot and been through much and for all of it I am humbled. Through life's lessons I have learned the measure of life. Through the many sayings of my elders I have kept watch and stayed prayerful. Through many closed doors and failed attempts, I have learned my value and what is truly important. Nothing has been wasted.

My heart has been shredded but has long been mended. My self-esteem at many points had been depleted but the cup now runs over. I have given up the best parts of me to the undeserving but God made the deposit of restoration.  I have compromised Gods best for satans lies and I believed the lies of many. Thank God for His word of truth that is not a vessel of lies but of love and freedom. Thank God for his healing beauty for many ashes. Thank God for His unchanging hand and His consistent whisper.

We only get this one life and this one body. At all cost we must be positively diligent. There will be only a few do-overs. The roads we travel will either be the lessons or the warnings.  This I know, if God calls me today I am ready. If God allows me to stay, I will rejoice in knowing it is not yet my time, that I have more to do and more to give. In that, I will continue to do that which He has orchestrated me to do and I will do that thing knowing tomorrow is not promised. I walk with no regrets but forgiveness of myself and others. I can only give emotional freedom. God is the only one Who can give the ultimate freedom.

For all of it Lord all praises go to You. Thank you for year 52.

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