Friday, October 3, 2014

Surrender part 2

In my recent post called Surrender,  I shared a book called The 40-Day Surrender Fast by Dr. Celest Oewns. Visit for more information. We are on day 19. Here is what the Lord has revealed to me during this fast.

Since starting the fast my spirit has been challenged. God is revealing confirmations of many feelings I have. One in particular is the church body.  I have seen much and heard lots and I have been fighting the push from God. I have been a member of my congregation every since a teenager, I am now 52. You see, sometimes God will cause you to be uncomfortable in a place you may feel comfort. To get you to clearly see outside of your familiar. Listen to the Holy Spirit. I had a dream this morning. This dream was a setting where many church members were gathered, everyone all dressed in their Sunday best however, I was not. I was dressed unlike them. The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying see them, they are loosing in building the Kingdom. Powerful affect. Why?  It is because man has created too many rules and  guidelines, must be this, can't do that. Arguing and bickering amongst leadership. Many in a posture of entitlement. Allowing money and recognition to be the driving force all the while, loosing in building the Kingdom. We are loosing. Many see and are not interested in The God we serve.

I am being challenged to be set apart, to create a new but old avenue in pointing the lost and broken to Christ. To be a DOER. To show love by stepping into the trenches. Not church as usual but relationship building, Bible teaching not screaming. Being a human comfort spiritually in a realistic approach. In a today crisis approach.

When the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear one Sunday morning see them, you were not meant to fit in,  I got that confirmation to evaluate and accept. This is within the church body and outside.  Though this journey will not end at the end of the 40 days I am blessed and humbled once again that I was, chosen.

Be blessed.

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