Saturday, September 19, 2015

You Are Your Choices - Choose Wisely


For the past few months I have not been myself. This is not a bad thing for I see that God is doing a mighty work in me. Things that used to bother me no longer matter. Things that I thought to be important feel like a waste of time. I find myself totally content with my life instead of being aggravated by life. Does this mean that I am happy? No. It means that I am aware that each day I must make the choice to keep moving towards the goal. I must keep rising and pressing towards the goal. I am finding my focus and learning to be more specific about my choices. I have learned that not everything or everyone for that matter needs my attention.

Martha was wound up. I am sure she wanted to snatch her sister Mary up by the collar. Jesus and his disciples stopped by for a visit and she was busy in the kitchen preparing a meal, a meal she no doubt made the choice to make. She was not happy at all because Mary was not helping her prepare this meal. Mary made the choice to sit at the feet of Jesus in the living room and pay attention to his every word. Both Mary and Martha made their individual choice as to what was important to them. I am sure Martha had that internal grumbling going on. I am in this kitchen doing all of the work and you are out there doing nothing. I am slaving in this kitchen and you act like you can’t help me.  Oh yes, I am sure she was fuming. Martha even went to Jesus and complained about Mary, stating that it was unfair for her to be doing all of the work, and told him to tell Mary to come and help her. Guess what Jesus said, Luke 10:41-42 NLT - But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

We all have the ability to make choices. No matter how we were raised or what life has thrown at us, we have the absolute ability to determine our choice and it is no one’s fault if we have chosen incorrectly. We must live with and learn from every choice, or not. Some choices we need to prayerfully not make again, but we do. We make those life altering choices based on emotion and intellect, not common sense. We make choices based on what Sally did or Sam did. We make choices based off of the hype of television ratings and reality television. We even make the choice to not make a choice by letting someone else make the choice for us and not speaking up for what we believe or stand for.

I encourage you to examine your life and the choices you have made. If you are blaming another, stop it, you made the choices. Own it. All choices are lessons and if studied with intention, will result in you going to the next level. Now, this does not mean that all choices will be positive, if life could be so easy. Making choices are a part of life, growth and awareness. The key here is discernment and you can only get that from our Father in heaven. If we meditate on His word day and night, we will eventually learn how to make more good choices than bad. If we step away from toxic environments and people, we will learn. If we watch what others say and listen to what they do, we will learn. It is about learning and in that learning, you will have made the choice.

Be Blessed





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