Sunday, February 19, 2017

Stop Hiding Your Flaws

From a young age I always felt that something about me was different. I am the youngest of 5. The age difference  between myself and my sibling above me is 10 years, imagine the age of the others. I did not connect with many, and those that I did feel a connection with seemed forced or maybe  tolerated. Throughout  my young life I experienced emotional pain. At the age of 7 I learned to retreat within myself and vowed to have no expectations of any kind out of fear. This is also the age when codependency was formed in my mind though I didn't realize  that until I was in my 30's. Abandonment, flaw.  Rejection, flaw. Trust issues, flaw. Broken relationships, flaw. Fear of being hurt, flaw. Fear of failing, flaw. Fear that someone would figure out that I was flawed, major flaw. Feeling inadequate and undesirable, flaw.

Many of you are hiding just like I did. Hiding out in your own protective cage due to the fear of someone noticing and rejecting you, or ridiculing you for what they might assume is a flaw. You don't attend functions or make commitments due to what you perceive as a flaw, that you won't fit in, and if you are like me, you put on that protective mask hoping it doesn't crack and fall off and yell, SURRRRR-PRISE, I'M FLAWED. Guess what? You are not your flaws, drop the mask.

Millions of men and woman struggle with depression and anxiety, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, abandonment, and some even cause self inflicted pain to try and distract themselves from other pains of the heart and mind.

God's word tells us that "we are fearfully and wonderfully made".

That alone should be enough to encourage you to not settle on the residual of what has happened to you. That should act as a constant remimder that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.  That's the first action step , accepting the truth of God. Second, accept  that you are in a fight for you life and then get busy with getting to a better you, a happier you, the beautiful and authentic you. God orders our steps, our actions, and our prayers. It will take an active and determined approach on your part to break out of the cocoon of emotional bondage and to fly out victorious. Oh I know, you want to hide. You want to stay locked away. You want to do anything to not be noticed. You must not do that because you and your gifts are needed. Your love and kindness are required.

My brothers and sisters,  get up and get connected. Get busy by taking the steps towards your self care. Nothing that happened  to you or will happen to you is your fault. Take the medication, go to counseling. Get healthy physically, mentally and  emotionally.  Find a support group and if you can't find a support group, create one. I am confident that if you share your beautiful flaws you will learn that someone is struggling too, and it could be you and your beautiful flaws who will show them the light of Christ.

My greatest joy and freedom is reading and writing. I have been journaling for many years and I could not imagine not being able to write. I write to get the clutter out of my head and once I do, I feel lighter. Embrace all of who you are dear hearts, count it all joy and remember, you are not your flaws, stop hiding them.

Come on back for part 2.

Be Encouraged

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