Thursday, April 27, 2017


Over a week ago, I was sitting in a waiting room waiting for my sister friend who had an appointment, I was going over in my mind how far I have come by the grace of a good God. Though I read several books at a time, one book has my full attention, The Motivation Manifesto by, Brendon Burchard and let me tell you, this book gripped my face with full palm at the first page and chapter. I feel free to move unencumbered. Free in mind, body, and spirit. Free inspite of Clinical Depression and Anxiety, inspite of Cervial Spinal Stynosis, inspite of Osteoporosis and Degenerative Disc Disease trapessing through my bones. Oh yes, I'm free because I choose to see God's  healing instead of human despair. Change was the catalyst.

Making any change can be paralyzing to many, especially to those who struggle with Depression and Anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and laziness. Every step forward is coupled with numerous fears. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, abandonment, and fear of success. Fear for a depressive is no laughing matter, but for a great portion of the human race, it is also the catalyst for change. They are doing "it"afraid. They are doing "it" with transparency. They are not making excuses, but rather they are grabbing at solutions to be unencumbered. Is this You? Are you living the life Jesus Christ died for, for you? Abundance, fulfilled, loving, generous? Or are you allowing the enemy to do it's job; to kill, to steal, and destroy, YOU?

Since my move from Tacoma, Washington to Miami, Florida, I can't tell you that I have not struggled. I can't tell you that a depressive episode has not covered my head or creeped up from my toes and lodged in my throat. I also can't tell you that my struggle is over. What I can tell you is that due to my move, I'm lighter in spirit. I'm no longer in an environment that ushers in depression. Beings that Washington State is one of the state's with a high rate of suicide,  I'm grateful that I'm still present, breathing, and moving forward. Moving forward. MOVING FORWARD. Im encouraged to know that I serve a MIGHTY, AWESOME, AND OUTSTANDING GOD, Who has a rule book of love, comfort, and strength  that I can glean from and use in my walk on this dark earth with its dark people and circumstances.

Some of us need help in finding balance with depression and anxiety and many of us refuse to take action because it takes determination, it takes a process of elimination, tenacity, and drive. Many rather sucomb to the effects of mental illness, whine and cry, and seek attention with the pitty party and woe-is-me mantra.  Now, I'm not saying that the effects of depression are not real, they are very real, and the severity is different for each man, woman, and child. What I will say is; we do not have to lay down in defeat. There are to many resources, to many people who want to help you get to your destination, and that is the destination of balance, peace, and authenticity. A better you. Do you want it? How bad do you want it?

Here is something from the pages of, The  Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Bruchard, "A small percentage  of the public does not have the faculties of a healthy mind; clinical mood and mental disorders can prevent people from consciously directing their own thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis. Therapy and medication can help in such cases, and should be sought. We must not discount the challenges faced by those with real disorders and biological issues that prevent their progress in life."

My brothers and sisters, our stories and journies are not the same, each of us are individuals with individual scripts. The words we speak, the actions we take, the people we accociate with, the places we go all affect our healing. There is so much that we will need to remove ourselves from when it comes to our healing and balance. There is also more that we will need to add to our lives for our healing and balance. NegatIve or positive. The process will be painful yet joyous. My question to you is, what's more painful being in the dark pit of nothingness or living unencumbered, free, and alive? You are the only one who can make the decision.

I highly recommend that you get your copy of The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard at under books.

Be Blessed

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