Friday, May 12, 2017

You Have It In You

It amazes me to listen to people talk about the negative more than the positive of life. I mean really, is their concept of life and living so clouded by adversity that they can not see anything positive? Has life for them been so dark that anything resembling light is foreign?  The state of the people saddens me and it should sadden you too.

I find myself not wanting to talk nor listen. My spirit gets jaded when I hear so much talk about how this or that is wrong, how he or she did so and so. It's like there is nothing in the world, around the world to discuss other than addressing every negative aspect of living. Don't get me wrong, we should address them, but while doing so let's come up with solutions. Oh wait, that's work, hard work so no, solutions is not in their discussion.

Negative participation escalates depression and anxiety.  Constantly focusing on, and addressing the negatives increases anger, heart break, and most of all anxiousness and feelings of suicide,  cutting or other self harm, harm of others and so on. Allowing constant negative vibes to enter into our spirit serves no real purpose or solution. I understand for some, it is easy to see all these things, talk all these things, even participate in these negative activities. Everyday I tweek the negatives that show up in my thoughts, ideas, and conversation, this moves me closer to where I deserve to be. Peace. I try to catch myself when I start the negative rollercoaster. I slip up, but I check up. Choice. Self care. Self awareness.

I am a thinker,  watcher, and processor of every thing I see and hear. I hear so much, at times I have to demand myself to shut up and not respond. Not that I don't have anything to say, but because I hear that small voice telling me, it's a waste of time and energy, and I have neither to waste. I have moments of anxiety that forces me to take flight, and for me that is going for a brisk and sweaty walk and a half run. I have moments when the dark cloud of depression seems to be persistent in it's attack on my psychi, but I'm aware of it and that opens the door of opportunity to either whine, complain, scream , cry, or attempt to destroy some breakable objects. I digress. I take charge because the God in me and His grace for me becomes more and more powerful the more I seek His face and eliminate the negatives and all that serves no purpose. I win because He won. Jesus won that victory on the cross. That's my POWER. That's my ROCK. Do you know Him? Start with the book of John, and get to know Him.

There comes a point where you must sit down and quiet your surroundings. Shut off the electronics and other distractions and go within yourself. Listen to your heart beat. Center yourself and make adjustments. Many will not allow for silence, watching nonsense on television, reading and scrolling social media, entertaining meaningless conversations. All of this and them some are counterproductive to peace of mind and spirit. Many will not research, study, and use the positive tools availabe to heal and grow. Ignorance really is not bliss. Time wasters. Energy zappers. No real purpose at all. In order to see anything change, it starts with one. You. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you so out of touch with yourself that you have lied to yourself, and you believe your lie? You have it in you to rise above, one action step at a time with consistency and  determination. You got it.

My brothers and sisters , there is work to do. You are needed up front and center. You have a story that's needed. You have gifts that's needed . Don't get stuck in the idea that it's all about you, that narcissist mentality.  Noone owes you anything, but you do owe it to yourself to be the best that you can be without apology or approval. Take the class and do the work. Clean your house; your mental house, your emotional house, your financial house, one floor, one closet at a time. Renovate you. Implementation is key. As one of my Facebook Queens, Toy Parker says,  ignight your life. You have it in you. I know I do.

Be Blessed

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