Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pearls conclusion -

At the start of this blog I shared with you my journey of celibacy and the rejection I endured because of it. Many walk around in bondage and that is not healthy. Many partake of a luxury that is exclusively set for marriage knowing that its wrong, its destructive and also dangerous in some cases. I thank God for the strength He has given me to stand firm on His word. Now, I will flip this script and share a wonderful ending.

In this blog I shared that a church member did not want to date due to his inability, so he thought to refrain from sex. With much thought and much prayer, he has changed his position. God is good. We have been dating a while now and it has been the most amazing, refreshing and loving union. I am happy to share that our journey will soon take us walking down the isle. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God, Praise God and I could not be happier. You see my brothers and sisters, what God puts together, no one can tare it apart, not even us unless we are just plain rebelling against His will. Old fashioned values, respect and consideration and a whole lot more has transpired in our relationship and guess what, NO SEX!!!!!!. Oh yes we hug a little, kiss a lot but control is used and he is more happy about that. We are free from guilt, free from grieving the Holy Spirit and happy that we are honoring Gods word.

So in closing of this short blog, I encourage those of you who love God to use what He has given to stand firm, keep your boundaries and demand respect in its fullness. Evaluate your life and your past. Take responsibility for you life and learn to love yourself fully and completely. Study Gods word and apply it to your walk. Take that walk one day at a time and don't be hard on yourself. If you get rejected then he/she was not the one for you. Will it be easy no, will it always be this hard no, why? Because God is in control and what He creates He directs. God will give you everything you need to get you through until that appointed time. Surround yourself with good people who will support you and encourage you, not judge you and break you down. Ladies, take care of yourself. If you are in need of a make over, get with it remember men are visual and they like beauty in its fullness, whole and real. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If your not sure on how to be that lady of God, educate yourself and use the tools that work for you, leave what does not. I work on myself first for me, than God and the man that God will bless me with or, should I say blessed me with. I want to be sexy, cute, adorable and just down right fine, inside and out. Our health must be a priority, I have a few pounds that I argue with though my sweetie says I look fine. So I work on it silently, for me. Ladies, get it in tack and keep it that way.

Men, you are not exempt. You must take care of your temple, your mind, body and soul. We don't don't want lazy, do nothing, want nothing, whups, I could go on, I won't. Woman are visual too and we want you around a long time. We want and need you to lead. We want to respect you so, respect yourself. Same for you, if you don't know educate yourself, there are too many tools and gyms available. NO EXCUSES!!!!!! Get your head right, clean your heart and be ready for the love of your life. She is waiting, on you.

With all this said I can only say that if you Love God, do what He requires so that He can bless you abundantly. What do you have to loose except for what you have already lost?

I see a summer wedding and bells are ringing.

Now for the next post.   I will continue my conversation about celibacy and sharing some tools to help.  Stay tuned. 

Bless You All

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