Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Almost Over

2014 is almost over. Have you kept the many resolutions that you made in 2013? I stopped making New Year resolutions long ago. I prefer to call them goals because a goal is more attainable. One of the goals I have already initiated is to no longer entertain anyone or anything that is not a positive and consistent spiritual influence in my growing life. There are some weak links.

For many many years I have stretched and snapped back as an empty vessel. My own self fault.  I understand that we chose what is important, or maybe not. I understand the power that many give to excuses while being afraid of the solutions because that means actually doing the unfamiliar or unthinkable. Worried about what others may think. No one is exempt from doing their part in relation to showing and proving to thine own self because there is nothing to ever be proven to another. Becoming a vapor, a breeze, a thought, I am evolving. God said, He is the Potter and I am the clay. I am on the Potters wheel being molded and remolded. Stretched and squeezed. Stretched and flattened. Stretched. My vision is way too vast for me to be a little tea cup, short and stout.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and on purpose. Checking and balancing. Becoming an asset and deleting the liabilities and as we value ourselves as an asset we will not attract liabilities. Ya think?  Gone should be the days of living in the pit of self entitlement, self pity, demands, and fault finding. Living in unforgiveness of self and others. Gone should be the days of doing the same things expecting different results and getting angry or devastated about it. Gone should be the days of looking for others to fill a void that only God can fill, have you tried Him? No really, have your really tried Him?  Now is the time to live in the here and now. To fully appreciate this life without constraint. You only get one. Many are content in the nothingness and the unnecessary while avoiding reality. Wasted conversations and actions that lack fertilizer for mature growth. Living in delusion, or is it denial?

We should never become so content that we stop evolving personally, educationally, and spiritually. Until we become united on this front, the attack of the enemy will continue to divide and conquer allowing stagnation and emotional death among the living to continue.

Count me OUT, are you coming?

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