Sunday, December 7, 2014

Think And Take Action

It goes without saying that we are our own enemy. Oh yes. We castrate every good thing that comes our way. Why? Mental and emotional bondage. Generational curses. Instead of looking forward with excitement and action we look back afraid to let go of the mess, paralyzed.  We have been operating in survival mode. Barely making it. Robing Peter, Jack, Jane, and Paul to make ends meet but, those ends never meet do they? The cycle continues. Are we paying attention?

There is no time like the present to turn it around.  There is no time like the present to clean up our slate. Right now each of us can say to ourselves that we ain’t about that life. Yes I said that. Oh you know what life I am talking about. That blame life. That it’s not my fault life. That the party don’t start until we get there life. That spin cycle that ultimately stops and then starts again. We are not the life of the party. But wait. We are valuable. We are priceless. We are authentic. But we fail to see that because of the rope around our necks that someone else or something else is pulling and using to choke every bit of who we are, out of us.

For the past few years I have been in that cycle. Up and down. Strong and weak. Happy and sad. I have allowed circumstances and situations to sideline me. I have allowed outside forces to control my every thought, action and sometimes words because I get drawn into this thing called life. The media beckons me to react. To emulate the chaos. I want to raise my voice and fists in protest to the wrongs and injustices I see. Wait, I get it. I understand it. But I am not in control of it. I vote to make my written voice heard. I don’t participate in that which goes against my core beliefs. I don’t involve myself with those who have no tangible and proven cause but only a mere existence. Oh yes. I allowed myself to become the silent partner all the while not taking full advantage of my gift, my ability, my vision. That vision that God placed in my spirit for His purpose and not mine.  So you see, it again starts with us.

Motherless and fatherless children will be our leaders and if we do not step up and show them the right side the cycle will continue. The media will continue to show footage of men, woman and children being victimized past, present, and if not changed the future. Oh you know the right side. That side that shows the importance of quality education and positive statistics of high school and college graduations. That side that teaches to save for our future by teaching sound financial planning. That side that teaches our young boys and girls to not be a part of the pandemic of unwanted pregnancies by not allowing them to be a pawn, a victim. That their no does in fact mean no, always. We fail because it’s not familiar. It’s not the in thing because everyone is not doing it. Because we need a man or woman to be known as the Boo. Get out my face with it. We need the latest fashion to be a participant of the in crowd. Will they die for us? Will they give us one of their kidneys to save our life? Will they raise our children when we take our last breath? Think. If we die today, will we have done all we were capable of doing with passion, with hunger and in order? Think.

My message is clear and uncut. I don’t have that ability to sugar coat and be politically correct of the fact that we are failing to teach abstinence and ethic. We are failing to teach that respect of self is more powerful than validation or even vindication. I am just not the warm and fuzzy type to say oh ok, it is ok. Walk over me, use me up and when you are done just toss me back. If you only knew. My message is clear and uncut because I am not exempt from not doing my part. But guess what. I am not afraid of change. I am not afraid of accountability. I am not concerned with who likes me or does not. I am not afraid to be the talk of the town because I stand for something other than that which serves no purpose and value. I am not concerned with those who choose to believe the lies instead learning the truth. I am not afraid to be single because I would rather have peace of mind. I have the same thoughts, ideas and suggestions as the next but get this, I take in to account the one thing that we all have and that is a voice and a choice.
You should do the same. Think and take action.



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