Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Don't Quit

For many months I have been pushing myself. Pushing mentality, physically, and emotionally. Just a pushin and not going anywhere. I have long since been sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I have allowed and again I say, I have allowed some things to take form in my life and by doing so I have failed God, myself and others.  I have stepped out of the will of God for my life. No, not gave up on God but stepped out of obedience of His word. No, not the obedience of what man says I should or should not do.  Because I am trying to be a fixer and being unable to fix the it, I shut down. I am trying to fleshly solve situations and emotions only God can fix. Oh don't get me wrong, I love and continue to give God praise. I just realized I am in that spit again. That place where you jump out of the box and look back and say, what the Charlie Brown am I doing? Why am I doing that? STOP!

No worries though because see this. No weapons formed against me will prosper because God is my source and protector. God is my provider. He is my all and all. God is no respecter of people but He is a respecter of faith and faith, you know that faith that is the size of a mustard seed? Yeah that faith that passes all understanding. Yes that faith. I am standing boldly and upright at the mountains and brick walls and screaming MOVE OUT OF MY WAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS and BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS I REBUKE you SATAN from my life and my families lives and my friends lives. I speak boldly and with confidence.

So get up if you can and if you can't raise your hands and say it with me, MY God IS stronger than ANY obstical, stronger than sickness, stronger than the no's you may get. Stronger than the many who have and  those who will turn their backs on you. Stronger than those small voices in your head that say that you can't do it. Give it all over to God and leave it. Now, forget what just happened and step into your newness.  Praise Him in advance. Don't quit.

Be Blessed.

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