Sunday, April 5, 2015

Everyday Ressurection

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Luke chapters 23 and 24, John 18 and 19.

Truly it is a sad but also joyous occasion and rightly so. Though today is Resurrection Sunday, we should be mindful to live this day not only today, but everyday. We should celebrate the great I Am, everyday. We should bow down with humility, awe, and reverence not only today, but every day.

The words that Jesus spoke on that cross was meant to be remembered throughout eternity. The words Jesus spoke as he walked to and fro should be remembered when we wake and when we lie down. As far as the east is from the west, we should remember. North from the south, remember. 

God is about to resurrect some things in your life. He is going to prepare you and position you, just as He positioned himself on earth in the man form of Jesus Christ. He positioned himself from heaven to earth, from earth to cross, from the cross to the grave, and from the grave to the sky. All of this was for a purpose. His purpose and God has a purpose for you.

I encourage you to take this time to reflect on the Resurrection and what it truly means to you. Is it just another ritual or is it a meaningful, heartfelt, and glorious day to remember all that Jesus died for? That he was beaten, whipped, and flogged? That he carried the very cross that he would give his life on? Yes, he gave his life on that cross for you and for me. Jesus died for our sins so that we would not have to. Is this another day to just show off the latest fashion or hairstyle?

Are you amongst the many who only attend a church service on this day? If it is good. I encourage you to consider a surrendered relationship, continuous fellowship, and Bible study.

Let this Resurrection Sunday be reflective in you everyday because God is with us and for us, everyday.

Be Blessed

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