Sunday, April 12, 2015

Book Shout - Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill

Every individual has the power to change his or her material or financial status by first changing the nature of his or her beliefs. Napoleon Hill 1938

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a reader. A childhood friend calls me, the woman who reads millions of books.  I love a good book and I am excited about an excellent book. Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill is an excellent book. and I am only half way complete. I am a strong believer that if one is absolutely unhappy with their life in its current state, change is possible. If not, then thus will remain in a crabs in the barrel mentality.

Mr. Hill writes from a deep desire to do things differently than the way they were being done in the early 1900’s, and he did. The great depression then and the economic down turn today, it is the same. Millions of people laid off, homeless, depressed, and stressed. Tired and weary of doing the same thing day after day and not seeing results or even happy with the results.  All are looking for the big break.  

I am convinced that no matter the trials we face we do have a strong capacity to make a change. As I write this blog, I am on a road to being an entrepreneur. I started a business plan in 2006 for a bookstore and with the recent down turn in brick and mortar stores, I am excited about the opportunity. Reading this book increases my excitement. Reading this book I am also reminded that the devil does not want me to lean on God and use my faith in God to see my dream come to reality. Many live their lives believing that all of the apparent good things that come into their lives are blessings from God. What many fail to understand is that the devil is the orchestrator in many of those so called blessings and God is allowing it to teach us discernment. However, if one is not aware of the many tricks of the enemy one will have no idea on how to be positioned, armed, and protected. God’s word, our obedience to Him, and right thinking is that ultimate position and protection.

The adversary does not want us to think for ourselves and he surely does not want us to believe in a God that created heaven, earth, and every moving thing in it.  Because he himself was positioned next to God, he thought himself to be equal if not higher than God and was tossed out of the Kingdom. The adversary will use what he knows against you and cause you to think that it was God or some other source. This book will give you a look into the mind of who he is, what his real mission is, and what he uses to divide and conquer. It is an absolute must read.

Below is a few pieces from the book that is powerful and worth pondering on.

May we all make an inventory of our blessings in life. And give thanks for every gift that we have been given. I know that when I am at a low point in my life, I force myself to think of my family and friends and the blessings they have brought to my life. It is the quickest path up and puts my temporary setbacks into perspective. Napoleon Hill 

Fear is the tool of a man-made devil. Self-confident faith in one's self is both the man-made weapon which defeats this devil and the man-made tool which builds a triumphant life. And it is more than that. It is a a link to the irresistible forces of the universe which stand behind a man who does not believe in failure and defeat as being anything but temporary experiences. Napoleon Hill

I encourage you to invest in yourself and get this book. Read it. Study it and take it in.  If you know God’s word then you will no doubt see exactly what Napoleon Hill so eloquently shares.  A priceless gem that will change your life. To God be the glory.

Be Blesse

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