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Meet Belinda S. Hunter

Welcome. Meet July’s author of the month, Belinda Hunter. This lady is a powerhouse in her own right. Publisher, author, and clothing line designer. I had the pleasure of reading a first book for me called, Waiting On My Cue and let me just say, it was real upfront and on point. The story drew you in. I felt like I was watching the movie of my neighborhoood with real life characters and issues that we woman and  men face when dating. Belinda mentioned in her book a shoe brand and description. She gave such a tasty description of the shoe, why was I online literally looking for the brand only to learn later that is was not a real brand?, yet. Don’t judge me. I wanted to get me a pair of these shoes. She made them sound like a shoe a girl needed in her collection.
Belinda held nothing back in this story and book two, No Longer Waiting was just as powerful. Belinda was true to form here and she did not lose momentum.  Belinda’s book, When They Show You Believe Them is being made into a moving which will be on the screen in 2016. Belinda is busy working on her next book to be released in August 2015. Stay tuned. With all that she is doing, she also has her publisher hat on with a new author’s book "No Holdin' Back," by Danielle Boyd, she will be the 3rd author to publish under her publishing company, Adnileb Publishing. Danielle's book should be out by August of 2015 as well. Without further delay, meet Belinda Hunter.

Belinda S. Hunter is the owner/CEO of Adnileb Publishing LLC and also an Amazon bestselling author. She has penned several novels and also published several other up and coming authors work.

Belinda prides herself on the work that she has produced and claims to always have wanted to write and produce work that is not only entertaining to the readers, but that the readers will also walk away with some sense of a lesson that was learned from her work and that of other authors published under her company.

Belinda’s novel, “When They Show You Believe Them” is now being made into a motion film that is due out this fall. You may join her fanclub on FB “The Waiting On My Cue Fanclub”to keep up with all the projects that she has going and the release dates as well as tune in on book discussions, trivia’s and daily topics. Among directing the movie she is also working on another novel that she has penned titled “That Diamond is Something Serious as well as that of a new author, Danielle Boyd’s “No Holding Back” due out this summer. Belinda id the mother of four Dontavius Gist 29, Dweshun Adair 26, Tiffanie Adair 23 and Jamarris Adair 17. Belinda states that being a mother inspired her to stop sitting on her life long dream and have her books published. She wanted to show her children that no matter what lemons that life may throw at you, you can always take those lemons and make lemonade. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream and dreaming is o.k. as long as you drive to make that dream into a reality.
Belinda resides in Spartanburg S.C. with her son Jamarris.

I asked Belinda a few questions, here is what she has shared: 
When did you first consider yourself a writer? I considered myself a writer once I decided to start penning my first novel.

What inspired you to write your first book? I have always loved to read but coming up I only read books by caucasian authors, I never knew that African American authors existed. I ran across Terry McMillan’s first book, “Mama” and it was so hood and about a life that I could have easily be my own. They talked out language, and acted like we acted, they were not rich, they cursed and fought, it was something I could relate to and that is what made me say, “I can do this!”

What books have most influenced your life most? The book that influenced my life I have to say is “Mama” because it is the book that made me stop dreaming about being a writer and become one.
Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? John Grisham still remains my favorite author. He is brilliant. I love the way his writing draws me into the mysteries of them. I love the adrenaline rush.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? I learned that in order to make money you have to spend money. I edited my first book myself and that’s all I’m going to say about that. LOL.

Do you have any advice for other writers? My advice to other writers would be not to come in thinking you are going to make loads of money off of the top unless you are already a well-known person or have people in high places. Writing has to be a passion for you, you can’t be in it of the money, initially.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? I’d like to say, thank you to my readers. My readers have been great to me. They talk up my work to other readers and non-readers. They make me believe that I am the best writer in the world.
What do you enjoy most about connecting with your readers? What I enjoy most about connecting with my readers is that they make me hype about my work. I love discussing my books with them and the way they dissect the books have me wanting to go back and read them again. I’m still in awe when a reader emails me or contacts me through my fan club wanting to discuss a book. I love it.

Excerpt - Waiting On My Cue

Cue seems to have it all; good looks, money, power and two of the Carolina’s finest in love with him. Mercedes his petite, cute and career minded girlfriend of years, that would love nothing more than to become his wife and bare little Cue’s. And Keisha who is his hot, down, got your back side chick, that would move heaven and earth to become his number one. Cue finds that he is in love with two women for two different reasons. Mercedes has all of the qualities that Cue wants in a wife; she’s pretty, educated and independent. Keisha has everything that Mercedes lacks that excites Cue; she’s spontaneous, sexy and she’s a ride or die chick. Although Keisha and Cue had an understanding, they had not planned on falling in love with one another. Now Cue finds himself with two beautiful women in love with him and both are ready to settle down and for him to make some decisions. What does Cue do? Does he follow his heart and go with the one that has been loyal and wants just as much from life as he does? Or does he break all rules and dare choose the one that may be least compatible, but excites him to no ends and makes him happy? Cue takes both of these ladies on a riveting rollercoaster ride that seems to have no apparent end.

Excerpt - No Longer Waiting

You never know where you will find love, but one thing is certain and two things are true... Keisha believed in it, she never gave up on it, and she loved deeply. From being Cue's side girl to finally becoming her own; she has dealt with the pain of heart break and betrayal. After Cue decides to marry his long time girlfriend without warning to his side chick Keisha that he was doing so, Keisha once again finds herself broken and confused. She breathed for Cue, how could she survive without him? Will Keisha succumb to her love for him when he returns from his honeymoon saying how much he missed her and needed to hold her. Or will she find enough love for herself and the strength to move on? The tells and twist of "No Longer Waiting" will leave you speechless.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know Belinda. Visit her website at You can find her books at and You can connect with her at and on Twitter at @Wordof_Lyn.

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