Sunday, February 14, 2016

First Love

Everywhere you turn, there is the evidence that love is in the air. One day out of 365 days, many are running around trying to find that perfect gift that says, I love you.

In the late 1920’s, 7 gangsters were killed in Chicago, Illinois. The day was, February 14, 1929 to be exact. This day was called, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre now called the sweetest day of the year.

When I was much younger, I loved this time of the year. I too was one of many who ran around trying to find that perfect gift for those that I wanted to show love. As I have gotten older and have come to learn in greater awareness what love is and what it is not, I no longer feel compelled to make my mark with a particular trinket or treat. While I was going about my tasks today, I watched people and a thought came to me. On Valentine’s Day, so much love will be shown and in the next day, hatred, anger, and abuse will be the morning cup. A slap in the face, a punch, a cross word will replace the, I love you. For many this is a reality. I cannot help but wonder, can one truly love while abusing another out of that same love? I don’t believe so.

As I get older, things that used to excite me no longer hold place in my mind as I see and hear of so many tragedies. Though this day was turned into a day of love and affection, I think of the homeless, the children without their mothers and fathers, the many seniors in retirement homes forgotten and alone. I pray for true change and true love for all regardless of race or religion.  I am broken hearted for the things that breaks the heart of God.
Psalm 86:15 NLT says this, But you, O Lord, are a God of compassion and mercy, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love and faithfulness.

God himself came down to this earth in the form of man and this same man, Jesus, died on the cross and rose again, this is true love. Though I am all for love in its true fashion, I am more attuned to the love of the Father. God’s love is never ending and never changing. It is not kind on one day and evil on another. No, the love of the Father is still the purest love of all and nothing nor anyone can ever compare to that love.

My brothers and sisters, let us not forget the greatest love of all. Let us not get consumed by the commercialism of what love is and remember what it is not. Let us not forget that there are many who will not experience this day with joy, but with dread and heart break. Do you know someone who could use your visit, smile, and warm hug? We must be consistent in showing love every day. We must be forever grateful and humbled that the greatest love of all is, the love of Jesus Christ. Agape Love.

Be Blessed

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