Sunday, February 28, 2016

You Got To Be Ready

Last Thursday sitting at my desk, one of my lovely team mates Lauren came over with a birthday card for me to sign. I signed it and told her, next time she can sign my name.  I work from home four days a week and in the office one day a week so I miss many office events. My comment sparked a song to jump in my spirit called, Sign Me Up, and it goes like this:

Sign me up for the Christian Jubilee
Write my name on the role
I’ve been changed since the Lord has lifted me
I wanna be, ready when Jesus comes
Cause when he comes
The trumpet will surely sound
When he comes
The saints in Christ shall rise
My heart is fixed
My mind is made up
I wanna be ready when Jesus comes.

At 6:45 am, this gave me a pep in my step, God's word does that to me.  Those of you who visit my blog or are friends with me on Facebook know that I live with a chronic illness and many days are not good days. This song is another reminder that no matter the storm, we want to go through it EXPECTING sunshine on the other side. We must have a made up mind that no matter what, the goal is Jesus work, letting him do his perfect will in and through us. No matter what, we wanna be ready when he comes. Every bible studying Christian, I will say it again, bible studying Christian knows that not everyone will be added to the Lambs book of Life. This is not a made up thing, this is God’s word.

Exodus 32:33 says this, And the LORD said unto Moses, Whosoever hath sinned against me, him will I blot out of the book.

The above happened over a week ago. Today, a beautiful Saturday with the sun shining. I stepped out of my house around 8 am and as I call it, turned a few corners. With my music on, I started thinking about my life, the things I do and don't do. With that, God whispers so gently of His desire and will. Luke 26:10 in the NLT says this, If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things,, you won't be honest with greater responsibilities. In all that we do in our living, there is an order in which we must follow and without that order, we are like the waves of the ocean.

This shouts directly at me. The finger is all up and in my forehead, right between the eyes. For me, I have not had a desire to write or do things that I know I must do. Honestly, I can say that writing has not been important enough when it should be at the top. We dishonor God when we do not do that which He has given us to do, disobedience. I allowed my attention to be in areas that are not serving the purpose. I won't say the devil made me do it.  No, most times it is our choice to not do the things that are intended for us to do and other times it is just the cares of life that prevent us at any given moment. Can you own it that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing? I can and waving my hands.

Most times we run around doing so much that we fail to see the small things that we ignore. This won't do. We must attend to every detail. We must take notice of every action and every word. We cannot run ourselves into the ground, express exhaustion, and then complain about the things that we intentionally ignore, we must have a keen focus on every little detail in our lives. God has given to us a task and no matter how minute or extreme, we must be about the Fathers business, and in doing so, this is where He gives us the desires of our hearts.

My brothers and sisters, get focused. Get tunnel vision about the work you need to do. Tune into those things that you have ignored. Eliminate as much distraction as you can. Change up your daily routines so that you can accomplish one thing or more things in your day, week, and month. Say no to some things, you can't win if you are spreading yourself thin. You can't win if you say yes to everything, especially if saying yes takes you away from the goals God has placed in your heart. do you want to be ready when Jesus comes?  Do you want to hear Him say, well don thy good and faithful servant? I do and I am on the move.

Be Blessed

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