Sunday, March 20, 2016

Step It Up

The past few weeks have been trying. Death and illnesses go hand in hand, but a sudden death with no warning is catastrophic. One day it is all smiles and laughter, the next, devastation. We can make many plans, but who really knows what tomorrow holds? Jesus. It saddens me when I watch and hear people who do not walk in the obedience of Christ, instead they are caught up in who wrote the Bible and failing to focusing on the message for living and applying wisdom living to be a better people. They live their lives as if, they are in control.

I find myself pulling away more and more from all that does not line up with God and His word. I am not interested in pretending that I have done everything on my own. I have less tolerance for people who scheme, beg, and live life as if there is nothing greater on the other side of hardships. Though I strive daily to be better than I was the day before, though I evaluate my life, and slowly work on things to make my life better, I cannot expect others to have the same capacity of thought or action. Though I can’t understand why, I have to resolve in knowing that everyone lives in their own capacity of living and some do not want any more than what they have or even see right in front of them. Some do not have the capacity to dream and work towards a dream.  I do not profess to have all of the answers, but what I do have is a resolve to rise above all circumstances that are within my power to change. I learn daily that my existence is based on a gracious God who desires that we as His children live abundantly and on purpose.

Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. He walked and teached abundant living and what it takes to live out our lives with the expectation of being with him in paradise. It is prevalent that most want the blessings of God, but not the required obedience to His word and commands.  I have lived this way. I have done things my way and it all was for naught. I tried to make my own path without God and what I received was heartbreak, dread, setback after setback. Those lessons are valuable for me. The world will consume you and that is why God tells us, to be not conformed to the ways of the world. That is why God created the Ten Commandments. That is why we are told that the wages of sin is death. I don’t know about you, but I must keep my eyes and heart focused on the ways of God daily. Though my flesh fail Him daily, I am thankful, no, grateful in knowing that I can turn to Him in humble repentance.

2 Timothy 3:16 NTL says this, "All scripture us inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right".

My brothers and sisters, you know it, but let me remind you, tomorrow is not promised us. Any one of us can lay down and not wake up. We can leave our homes and not return. Are you taking your life and those in it for granted? Are you feeling superior in believing that all that you do is right or even required? Have you committed to following your own way instead of seeking the will of God? Let me tell you, if you have said yes to any and all of these questions, you are on a slippery slope into an abyss of hardship. You are setting yourself up for failure and fail hard you will.  I encourage you to take inventory of where you are and who is in your life. Make yourself a priority and then, get on about the business of showing those closest to you true love and compassion.  Step it up!

Be Blessed

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