Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trust In God's Timing

A dark cloud seems to follow me; the cloud of despair. Not that anything catastrophically is pressing in my life, it is taking place around me, causing this dark cloud to insist on being my shadow. What I do know it this, I am aware and the Holy Spirit is my guide. I must stay connected to the source and trust the process. I could allow myself to get into a frenzy, but that will defeat the purpose of what God is doing in and around my life.

In our spiritual walk there are 3-keys that we need to be reminded of, Chronos, Kairos, and Pleroo. Let’s go deeper. The three words are of greek origin. I encourage you to look them up and learn more. Study to show yourself approved. God is all about timing and nothing that He does or even allows is out of His timing.  Look at Jesus, when Mary was informed that she would be giving birth, she was not planning that, God’s timing. Moses being pushed away in a basket down a river, to be taken in by the Pharaoh’s daughter, God’s timing. Do you see that God set forth a chain of events, at a specific time for everything? Timing! Let’s look at the 3-keys.

1.      Chronos – Chronological time. Preparation. Time. either long or short. This is the desert season and if you are here, know that you are being prepared for the next level. God is working out everything in you such as your posture of living, your response to life’s challenges, your prayer and worship life, your love of others , and your love of Him. God requires you to be diligent . obedient, and ready.  You must not grow weary in this season. Ask God what time is it for you.  Galatians 4:4

2.      Kairos – Seasonable time. Fixed and definite. Time of warring in your labor. This is the time where you come up against devastation and oppression, and it is here where we lose it by complaining and grumbling. We get caught up in petty arguments. We even start some petty arguments. We feel as if God is not hearing our prayers. No. it is  quite the opposite my dear ones, God is hearing us. He is also allowing some storms to take its course, to see just how you will go through. He already knows how you will come out. During this time it is chaos. You cannot move on feeling, you have to understand the direction God is taking you to get out the valley.  Psalm 84:4-7

3.      Pleroo – To make complete in a particular sense, perfected, and full measure. Time of joy. This is the fulfillment of God’s promise, but to get here you must go through some Chronos and some Kairos.  We don’t stay here long because God takes us from glory to glory, and during this time we change, grow, and learn. God must stretch us during this process. You may be in many phases of the stretching process. Jobs, home life, personal issues, all of these are stages. and there is more ahead. Keep moving. Sometimes when you are going through, it is Gods smoke signal.  Colossians 1:9

As I sit to complete this post after starting a few days ago, I am heart broken due to the loss of a family friend's child. I know death well. and it is something that no longer takes over in my spirit, so I thought.Today will be the anniversary of my oldest sister's passing, March 13th will forever be etched in my memory, along with the dates of others who have been called home too soon.

My heart can not grip this loss and it surely has ripped away any emotional protection I may
have tried to erect. Who was I kidding? I can't place a period where God has a comma. Through
it all, trust God and His timing. Though I may not understand the process, I am sold out on the
process, letting God do what He does so well. Mold and make. Prune and snip. As it states in
Ecclesiastes, there is a time and a place for everything under the sun. Everything.

Brothers and sisters, stop what you are doing right now, call someone you have been meaning to call. Hug your family and friends and say I love you with meaning. Our lives are vapors and vanish we all will. I speak this of you just as I am speaking this into my spirit. I too must do better in the area of really loving. I too must be available and present. I know what regret feels like. It happens when someone you truly do love passes on, but you missed the mark. Now, I get that there are some people you just can't have that deep relationship with and if they are bringing you pain and negativity, then by all means, love from a distance. I have learned that some people are not meant to trail behind you into the next season that God has in store for us. Trust the process.

Be Blessed