Saturday, October 5, 2013

A National Day Of Prayer-Wake Up

I am blessed to be a humanitarian. Being part of a Christian organization known as World Vision is a placement provided by God. Once a year we shut down operations and gather for a day of prayer and reflection. Acknowledging all that God has blessed us to do for the poor around the world and praising Him for all that He will do.

Millions do not have clean water or basic healthcare.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you or your children drinking muddy and diseased water because there is nothing else. Imagine your children starving to death and you can do nothing. Not a good feeling is it? This is the work World Vision has been doing since 1952 when the company was founded by the late Bob Pierce. We are the voice for the voiceless. We are digging wells, providing much needed healthcare and much much more.

We as Americans living in America are spoiled to the core with all of the benefits we have at our disposal. Today millions are in an uproar over the government shut down, its day 5.  I don't know about you but I am dusgusted about it. I have friends affected along with many who are not receiving pay for their day honest work. I watch the news and listen and it just blows my mind that we, the American people are missing the mark. We are missing it becuase we have allowed this good life to take us further away from the mission Jesus Christ died for. Our hearts should be broken for the same things that broke the heart of Jesus.   We should be doing at least one thing if not many things to make this world a better place fir thise who will follow.  We should be aware of our own footprint on this already crowded echo system. We should care more for our elderly men and woman and are you aware of the many who are stuck in nursing homes forgotten? America.

This national day of prayer for me was very different than the past I have participated in.  The diiference is that I have even morei compassion for the lost. I pray more for others than myself. I no longer see what is but what can be if we just come together and do our part for the good. I no longer wait for a particular month to get here to celebrate black history or use the good china. I no longer fret about how many days it is before it is the weekend. No, I live now and on purpose one day at a time. We all could use a major wake up call while we and our loved ones are alive, and not wait until someone has passed on. I have always been a thinker and on this day, I thought deeper. I have always cared for other's, I am caring more.

We must pray and work. We must speak up and out for the just causes. We must not allow our children to continue to be statistics. We do have choices, are you using yours?

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Lord Bless

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