Friday, October 18, 2013

Food For Thought Friday

Reflection - Too many live life in emotions. They make choices with emotions. They act out in emotions.  Life is not what happens to you its how you react.  If you are having outbursts of emotion, frustration and anger maybe its time you looked with in and resolve to understand that the energy you put in the atmosphere will come back to you.  I am always going within to see that God alone has everything under control. I evaluate me everyday. I make changes everyday. I will continue to until.

Life is the result of the choices and actions  made or, the lack of those choices and actions.  It is no ones fault or responsiblity. accept that responsibility. Own it, realize it and improve. Know better, do better  and knowing better, the doing better should be evident and visual. 
Be thankful, be grateful, be humble and loose ego, pride and self centeredness.  No one is impressed, not even God. Especially God.

Uh oh, lunch time is over.
Be Blessed...

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