Monday, October 7, 2013

A Visitor

It was 5:15 am dark and wet. I had a visitor this morning. Very nice, comforting and warm.
Letting me know that everything will be just fine and that I don't have to try and carry the load because its already taken care of.

Touched my heart speaking to me, it was like music to my ears. It took everything within me to not drive faster than the required 60 miles an hour, I could not contain my emotion. With tears streaming down my face my heart was full of humility that he would grant me his presence.

All I could do was hold on to the steering whell and ride, there was nothing I could.
I was not afraid....

I had a visitor this morning and his name was, Jesus.

When you can admit to God that you are lost without him, that you are a broken vessle, he sees. When you can say Lord take the wheel, he is ready and able. When you can say no matter what Lord, I will always lift your name on high and share your words with others, he rejoices.

I am lost with Him, are you? Can you admit that without God you would be lost also? Can you humbly say Lord here I am use me? I do, I did and no mattter my flaw He knows it already. Thank you Lord for Jesus.

Praising Him!!!!!!!!!

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