Saturday, May 3, 2014

Being Revealed

A while back I posted a blog called Pearls. Go to it and read all three posts. It is about women who don't know their worth. Today I feel a need to revisit this topic.

I am blown away by the many women who are no doubt in pain. Walking around with masks. Hiding behind careers, men, shopping, chemical addiction and the list never ends. I know what it looks like because I too used to hide behind whatever I could that resembled happiness.  I too faked it. I too ignored it. I was just as lost until one day the overhead light came on. All that I thought was good, was love, was real became illuminated. God showed me what He saw and in turn I saw it too. Up close and personal.

Until we acknowledge who we really are we will continue to wear that mask. Until we stop and do a self check all of our efforts at peace will continue to elude us and we will continue to spiral out of control. Nothing will give us peace except God and His unfailing love.  Step out of the box and see yourself as the gift God created you to be. Stop running from your issues. Stop ignoring them. Trust me they do not go away.

Just as you learned to do what you do. You can unlearn it. You can learn newness, being whole and complete. Lean on God. Give Him you and your mask. Give up the entitlement. Give up being cheep. Give up being used and abused.. Give up and get up.

Square your shoulders and rise to the occasion.

You are priceless.  Be  revealed.