Friday, May 16, 2014

No Promises

I have a heavy heart. There are so many reasons I could just crack up and cry out to my Lord. Cry I will, but crack up I will not. A childhood friend passed away recently. Rejoice in peace Phyllis Denise Gordon. The last time I saw her was a few months ago. I was waiting for traffic to move outside of Target and noticed a truck backing out of a stall. The driver did look but almost hit a car, the car was hers. She was standing next me and didn't know it because she was looking at the truck too shouting noooooooooooooo. She turned to her right and I was there. She gave me the biggest smile and the tightest hug. We said I love you. My heart is sad, but I rejoice in knowing she is with the Father, the Healer of all that ales. I rejoice feeling that hug and thankful for that moment. I will always remember your smile Denise.

I know what her family is feeling right now because I too lost a sister, my big sister. This has made me think back as death often does. Think on loved ones gone and loved ones still present. It makes me desire closer and more meaningful relationships. Makes me feel empty because one more is gone. Makes me think, who's next? When? How?  In those thoughts I am reminded yet again that tomorrow is not promised. Love on those that you can love on and pray for those that you can't. Everyone is just too busy, too selfish and inconsiderate, to caught up in social media using that to connect instead of having human connections.  Everyone wants someone to reach out to them but they are not reaching. Lord knows the hearts of everyone and nothing is hidden from Him. What we reep we will sow. All of us.

So for today, reach. Today make the call even if they don't call you. Today if time allows, visit even if they don't visit you. Send that greeting card, even if you don't receive a card. Do your best to have that human connection because at the end of life, the shoulda, coulda, and wouldas will not matter.

Flowers mean nothing to those who are no longer present in the living.

Be Blessed

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