Saturday, January 31, 2015


On one of my walks a few weeks ago along the Ruston Way waterfront here in Tacoma, Washington I noticed a large amount of driftwood. The pictures that you see are a few that I took on that walk. I have never seen so much driftwood in this area, never. As I looked at each piece, it got me to thinking about the lives of so many. There were large, small, and odd looking pieces of wood tossed like a big wind had just came and blew them around and when that wind stopped, the wood landed.

This driftwood reminded of me of how so many people are going about their lives as if they know exactly where they will land. Now, in most cases with determined steps we can control some things and that is only due to the choices we make or don't make. At the end of the day we do not have any real control, only God does.  He allows things to happen in our lives to get our attention. To warn us of impeding dangers that can cause us to land on life's seashores unable to move.

As I looked at the different pieces of driftwood I noticed their forms. I noticed how many pieces had landed on top of other pieces. I noticed how large and long they were with notches and stains.  I noticed how sea life had attached themselves for the ride. Round and funny looking pieces. Reminds me of so many people with attachments on their backs, in their hearts, and minds. The baggage that we carry from one situation to the next. That baggage is holding us hostage and in bondage on the seashores of life. We have large dreams and a long way to go to reach those dreams. We have an even larger prideful ego because we feel that simply because we are moving, we know the steps. We don't for God says, He has ordered our steps. Just like that driftwood, we will be knocked off course.  We will be tossed to and fro. Guess what?, that driftwood can not get back on course on its own, but you can.

As you look at all of the things that you have set out to do, imagine a seashore filled with driftwood and remember that the driftwood will not move unless the tides come in and take it away or human hands physically remove them. As for you, you have an ability to move with ease into the flow of the currents called life and ride out the storm.  Have faith and believe that God is right there with you. Believe that you can do all things. Receive, believe and stop drifting.

Be Blessed.

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