Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meet Barbara Joe Williams

My feature author this month is new to me. I have had the pleasure of reading many of her books and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed. I loved the twists and turns of her stories. Reading each book, I felt I knew each of her characters personally. The first book I had the pleasure of reading is titled, First Class Love. Growing up in a military town I could totally relate to the characters and the adversity they faced. At the end all I could do was cheer. Whoa! I rated this read a 5 star. 

The last book that I read was, Holiday Hotel: A Sexy Short Story. Oh my goodness. Once I reached the end I was like, uh oh no there has got to be more. The look on my face was that of a deer in headlights.  Imagine it. Yes, it was just that good.  I rated it a 5 star.

Barbara Joe pens stories that relate to both male and female readers. Love, betrayal, intrigue and much more. Not only does she pen beautiful stories that catch you from the first word, she also pens valuable and knowledgeable information with her non-fiction work.
I encourage you to get your read on and be intrigued as I was. Without further delay, meet Barbara Joe Williams.

Barbara Joe Williams is an Amazon bestselling author, indie publisher, and motivational speaker living in Tallahassee, Florida. She is a Navy veteran, a graduate of Tallahassee Community College, and Florida A & M University. Barbara is also the founder of Amani Publishing, LLC (2004), and the co-founder of the Tallahassee Authors Network since September 2008.
Barbara has published books for over thirty authors and the following for herself: 
Holiday Hotel: A sexy short story (2014)
Forgive Us This Day (Anniversary Edition, 2014)
First Class Love (2014)
You Don’t Even Know My Name (2014)
A Writer’s Guide to Publishing & Marketing (Volume 2, 2013)
Double Proposal (2013)
Losing My Soul (2013);
The 21 Lives of Lisette Donavan (Anthology, 2012)
A Man of My Own (2012)
A Writer’s Guide to Publishing & Marketing (2010)
Moving the Furniture: 52 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Fresh (2009)
Courtney’s Collage (with Sherille Fisher, 2007)
How I Met My Sweetheart (Anthology, 2007)
Falling for Lies (2006), Dancing with Temptation (2005)
Forgive Us This Day (2004)
Her novel, Forgive Us This Day (Anniversary Edition), was recently reviewed in USA Today by Michelle Monkou. It was a recommended must-read romance.

Here is a taste of Holiday Hotel: A Sexy Short Story
Janna and Waverly Jones have been married for fifteen years. When they set out on a holiday trip from Tallahassee, Florida, to Savannah, Georgia, an unexpected overnight stay at a hotel turns into a sexy scene on Christmas Eve. Will hotel sex be the best sex they’ve ever had or not?

 I asked Barbara Joe a few questions and her is what she shared:
    Why did you want to be a writer? I've always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, but I was always afraid to try. I kept talking myself out of it with negative self-talk. I still remember reading the romance novels that my mother had and wondering what it would be like to be a writer. I was content as a reader for forty years. Then one day following a mid-life crisis, I decided to walk past my fears and start writing a romance novel focused on a married couple. Since most of the romance books were about singles finding love and getting married, I decided to write about what happens next and that became my first novel titled, Forgive Us This Day. Now, then novels later, my only regret is that I didn't start writing sooner.
    What do you enjoy most about connecting with your readers? I enjoy everything about connecting with readers because they give me so much inspiration and motivation to keep writing. One of the reasons that I didn't start writing sooner is because I kept telling myself that I would never finish a novel and if I did, no one would want to read it, or buy it. So the fact that people are actually buying my books, reading them, and enjoying them is the best thing that has ever happened to me professionally. When readers contact me or post positive reviews about my work, I feel such a sense of accomplishment and connection to them. I enjoy hearing about their personal lives as well as their professional experiences and accomplishments.

    What two important pieces of advice would you give to those desiring to become a successful author? 1) I would tell anyone desiring to become a successful author that writing is a hobby, but publishing is a business. In other words, you're not just an author, you're an entrepreneur. It's time to learn all you can about the industry if you're planning to have a career as an author. And don't just depend on your publisher or other authors to educate you, do your own research.  2) Also, don't expect to become an overnight sensation. I see a lot of authors get discouraged after two months because they haven't sold 2,000 books, and they want to drop out of the business. But it takes time to build up a following of loyal readers. In fact, it may take a few years. If you're not in this occupation for the long haul, you're in the wrong business.
    My next non-fiction eBook will be released on February titled, A-Z Marketing Tips: A Motivational Guide to Selling Your Products.  The next fiction eBook will be released on February 12, 2015 titled, Holiday Hotel 2: A Valentine’s Day Story.

    Quality books all of the time for $2.99 or less. All books are available on Kindle and Nook. Go on and get your copy, you will be glad you did and I am sure that Barbara Joe will greatly appreciate you.

    Email:  amanipublishing@aol.com
          Website:  www.Barbarajoe.webs.com

          Twitter:  @Barbarajoe22

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