Saturday, November 7, 2015

Catch Your Wind

The wind is a mysterious force, a stirring of the air by nature. When the winds blow nothing can remain still.
Today I am reminded that the dreams and visions God gives to us are of no surprise. Every goal, every step towards that goal was spoken into existence long before we were birthed.  Our goals have life because God has blown the wind of creativity from His heart into ours for such a time as right now.  
For the past month, I have been in a major slump, physically and emotionally. I have not been able to focus on anything that God has set in place for me to do. The Holy Spirit speaks to me, ushering me to move, to take action, but I feel blocked by the sudden winds of life. Blocked due to brokenness and dread. Blocked due to fear and uncertainty. Blocked by my own thoughts and even the lack of thought. What I do know is that God did not give me a spirit of fear and for that reason alone, I must get up and show up.  As hard as it has been, I dredge along, taking small steps in the direction I am directed to travel.  I keep before me God and behind me, God. I speak into my own spirit by letting myself know that this windy season will suddenly pass.  And that alone is enough to renew my spirit.

We all face storms and what we must be reminded of is that, all storms have an end.  So, we must be in position to move. We must be in position to take by force the goals and dreams that God has placed in our hearts and fight like gladiators in the middle of the arena, fight to the death. What is fact is that we have all that we need to do that which we have been given to do, what God has told us to do, and we have to listen to Him. When Jesus said, another will come, he meant the Holy Spirit will come as a helper, a comforter, an ambassador. And with that right there, that should be enough to cause us to get up and catch our wind.
Take some time to get lifted. Play some music and dance around your living room. Let go of everything you cannot control. Give yourself permission to be free and when you do that, be free. Pamper yourself with something you enjoy. Give God praise that He is right there with you rooting you on. Praise God that today and just for today, you have caught your wind.

Be Blessed

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