Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Your Destiny Awaits

The past 6 months have been absolutely aggravating. I suffer from Cervical Spinal Stenosis and let me tell you, when things flare up in the physically body, it is like the 4th of July in the sky. Though I have been walking with this for a few years, the last few months have been different with new symptoms and increased pain. Not good. This past Monday and Tuesday it felt like every bone in my body, eye balls and fingernails hurt and I wanted to crawl under any rock that could cover me completely. Instead I got my Bible and daily devotional and started in with prayer and praise.  Just know, God will use any situation to get your attention and my attention He did receive.  
I have two mandates on my life and I am very clear on what they are. My mistake has been desiring support from those who have no capacity. I have reached out to many with no reply and if I did receive a reply, it was a negative one.  I encounter more negative people than I do the positive. I hear the word “can’t” so often I start to believe it myself. I start to question the vision God has given me. I become more discouraged and doubtful, and then I was reminded of a Jeremiah 29:11 in the NLT where God says, I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. God said that, not man. God knows who He wants to be involved in His plans concerning you. Trust me, if it is not God’s will, He will block it every time. Block that. Block that. Block that.  LOL. I am reminded that the plans God has is about pointing others to Him. There will be those who only see from the compartmentalized box in which they reside. I call them the “can’t brigade”. They do not have the capacity to see past the edge of that box. They have forgotten the God of blessings, or they do not believe that there is a God of many blessings.

As of late I have become a victim of the “can’t brigade”. A victim of the many voices of doubt and discouragement, loneliness and sadness, disconnected and ignored. A victim of hearing more of what others have to say rather than listening fully and completely to what God has already said. I took my eyes off of the purpose and plan and I also took my eyes off of Him. My faith has been on a tidal wave. In knowing this, I have taken the first of many steps in getting back in line to the purpose and the plan. I am not entertaining anyone that has a need to darken the spotlight. God had to get me in a place where He could speak and where I would listen. What I understand is this, I can care less if anyone believes that I can, because I KNOW that I can. You have to know it too. You have to KNOW deep down in your soul that you were called to do it, and do it you will.

My brothers and sisters, the vision and dream was given to you by the Father, not man. None of what has been placed in your spirit is contingent on you believing the “can’t brigade”, it is contingent on you believing completely on what the Father has already said. People pleasers seek to please people and God pleasers seek to please God. Where are you? Say this, not my will Lord, but Your will. Knowing that alone should be your spring board into the purpose and plan that the Holy Spirit is consistently nudging you to move towards. So get in line and eliminate the “can’t brigade” and step into the blessings. And while you are stepping, know that the blessing is sure.

Thank you so much Bridgett Washington for that nugget, I absolutely love it and shout it from the roof top. Visit Bridgett will bless, encouraged and motivate you to step into the blessing, God’s Blessing. THE BLESSING IS SURE!

Be Blessed                                                                             



  1. That can't brigade is only the enemy seeping in to make his voice heard. He wants His to be louder than God's voice. He can't. He is scared of the power you hold within. Walk empowered and walk in your calling.