Monday, September 1, 2014

You Matter

This is for you who are hurting in the dark while wearing the mask during the day.

You are a gift but not to all because you represent authority, maturity, grace, and dignity. You have standards and boundaries. You have vision and passion.  You seek and desire wisdom. You want to elevate to the next level, God's best.

But what a shame when you know some only pretend to appreciate you when its convenient for them. Stop them in their tracks. Many suffer in silence due to neglect, abandonment, and affections withheld. Offered lies of love. Don't be one of them. They are showing you how they truly feel about you and what value they place on your presence in their imaginary world. Their fate will be rewarded the same measure they have shown.

Pray and give them over. God can and will BREAK every chain in the name of Jesus.

Take authentic authority and rise. Live in priority and on purpose. Love yourself and remember also that God loves you, unconditionally.

You matter.

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