Thursday, September 18, 2014


I wish at times that I could go back in time.
Back when honesty and loyalty were the badges of honor. Where respect was shown especially to the elders. Living.
Where we were mindful of the words we said and who we said them too.
Where Sunday was a day for God and home cooked meals around the table. Laughter. Family.
Where woman taught their children instead of leaving the teaching to others, the streets.
Where men were leaders of majesty and power and not hoodlums and goons, animals.
Where woman were not misguided and broken pieces of  abused art but woman of class virtue royalty.

Where flowers were a gift of appreciation.

I wish at times that I could go back in time.
I would have listened to my elders instead of ignoring their words later to learn, they were right.
I would have payed attention when the words preached, all that glitters ain't gold. Why by the cow when the milk is free.
I would have not allowed one mistake to turn into a habit. Habitual.
I would have ran the courses to graduation and tossed the cap. More than once.
I would have allowed God to be the foundations while building an empire state of mind. Peace of mind.
Would have leaned that you did not shine but took my sparkle. Diminished.
I would have changed the habits into a path of legacy. Future freedom.

Is it late now for many I say, maybe not except for the day that death comes snatching the breaths of life. The living. No, there will be a new journey heaven or hell.  Rejoicing or gnashing of teeth.

Since the past is forever gone and today is here. Live it as if it is your last. Love on those you can and pray for everyone.

Stand up and move because you can't go back in time.

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