Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scream Passion And Take Action

What is your passion? Are you sure of what your passion is? You are not alone. God has given us all a desire, a gift. There are many reasons you could not be aware of your gift. Working to pay your bills, children and the list goes on. Do not fret over what you can't do but instead direct your focus on all of the many things you can do.

Writing is my passion. Writing drives me to think and ask many questions. Writing causes me to look outside of the box. You can do it. Take some time today and ask yourself, what is my passion? Don't let your present condition stop you from seeing your future condition. You were created for a time such as right now. Not when but right now.

Failure only happens when you fail to act. You must take the leap of faith. No, it will not be easy but it will be worth your attention and participation. Get moving.

Celebrate the greatness in you and live your passion.

So I ask you again, what is your passion?

Live the good life.

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