Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meet Deondriea Cantrice

Welcome to June's author of the month, Deondriea Cantrice.  I have had the pleasure of reading Deondriea's books and I loved them. When Emotions Lie is one of my favorites. I wanted to jump into the pages on a few occasions. Not only is she a wonderful writer, Deondriea is a motivational powerhouse in her own right and just love her shoe game. Lets welcome Deondriea.


Deondriea Cantrice is a dynamic speaker, engaging facilitator, and celebrated author who has presented her life-changing messaging to many multifaceted audiences around the country. From CEO's to at-risk youth, she expertly entertains, educates, and inspires any audience with her tales of true life. Deondriea greets everyone she meets with a smile, and endeavors to have a positive impact on everyone she encounters through effective communication, veracity, and affirmative interaction. She believes that, "with direction and discipline, accomplishment is attainable."

I asked Deondriea a few questions, here is what she has shared:

What do you enjoy most about connecting with your readers? I love hearing their feedback about my books. How the story has impacted their lives. Also, the feedback presents the opportunity for me to become a better writer.

How did you come up with the story for When Emotions Lie? Many people see what they want to see instead of accepting people and/or situations at face value. I noticed people were making life changing decisions based on their emotions rather than reason. When Emotions Lie is a fictional tale of what happens when bad advice is given the opportunity to speak.

What are you currently working on? I am working on my next fiction title called, Hellava.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I have always enjoyed writing and have written in various aspects for my job. In 2008, I decided it was time to publish and since that time I have published 5 additional books.

What do you do when your are not writing? I enjoy watching movies, traveling, and shopping.

What two pieces of advice would you give to aspiring writers? Know your craft! it is not enough to have a story to tell. As an author, it is important to tell a story in a way that makes readers want to buy it, share it, and continue to purchase your works. Don't expect people to support your works. Because thousands of books are published daily, all of which desire to gain a share of the readers wallet. Having a good book is not enough; authors must be prepared to market and promote their works.

Synopsis for When Emotions Lie

They say a good man is hard to find, but some would argue that a good man is hard to keep. Alicia believes her marriage to husband Arlington is a fairytale come true. Until, she is confronted by Piper, a woman that claims to be Arlington's girlfriend. Alicia lets her emotions get the best of her and yields to the advise of her friends, Cassie and Myra. Little did Alicia know, her friends advice is jaded by their own emotional instability.

Alicia plays the odds with her marriage by betting on her emotions instead of gambling on her husband's sincerity. When the truth is hidden within a lie and lies tell the truth, who do you trust When Emotions Lie.

Deondriea is the author of several books, Rhythm Can't Keep Time, Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough, You! Branding Yourself for Success, Tip Toes, Steel Toes and Stilettos, After The Rain, and Write and Grow Rich. Deondriea has been named as a finalist for the Stiletto Woman and Business Award (SWBA) for the 2014 Author of the Year.

You can find Deondriea's books at,, and You can connect with her at and

Thank you for stopping by to meet Deondriea, make sure to add her to your reading collection.

Be Blessed

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