Saturday, June 13, 2015

It Starts With You

I was raised in a home where being respectful was more implied than verbally demanded. I knew that I had better respect any adult and it did not matter whether I knew them or not, whether in our home or not. I had best be very careful on how I spoke to any adult.  As a child this time of growing will show how a child will act and live as an adult and what contribution they will provide either negative or positive. It all starts in the home. Sad to say that many children and adults for that matter lack respect for self and others. Many have no idea the magnitude in which their behavior will have on their lives and how they will be received by society.

As I write this post, I think back on the many, many, many, and many more times when I got a serious whipped by my mother, my aunt, and once my oldest sister even got in on the adventure of keeping me line. I even got a swat in school, and that really was not my fault. Now, let me be very clear. I grew up in a time when corporal punishment was the law, period. I was also a pro at being on restriction. I understand that today  whippings have been taken to a whole other extreme with child abuse and the like.  Do not take what I am saying to mean, beat your children.  I am not saying it...I am saying that as a parent it is your responsibility to raise your children in a way that they will straighten up and fly right. What your children do is a reflection of what you allow them to do. Period.

God instructed Moses to write the Ten Commandments and do you know what one of those commandments said In Exodus 20:12? I won’t give it to you here. Why? Because I encouraged you to go and read the full chapter. It is worth going back to every now and again to be reminded. The word respect is stated in the King James Version 38 times, and in the New Living Translation which is my favorite version, 90 times. So, if respect was not important for daily living, do you think God would have expressed it?  Praise God that He knew.

For those of you who read my blogs know that I am concerned about the future of our children and the impact that these children will have on the world.  Though we know that there is no control in our hands, God is in control, and we can only pray for change and while we pray, execute change by teaching our children. By being positive examples for our children. Yes as parents we get tired, we get frustrated, and in some cases we look for the fastest and easiest way out of doing that which we know we must do. It is our responsibility as parents to raise these children and to give them the best foundation we can. We also must understand that without out a firm foundation some of our children will not have a chance. And who's fault will that be? Think about that.

From today and forward, I encourage you to look around you, look at the children you gave birth into this world, and look at all children collectively. Are you doing your part?  Have you created the foundation for successful living? Have you given up? Dedicate yourself to going the extra mile. Talk to your children, listen to them for understanding not just to give a reply and most importantly, turn off the television and disconnect from social media. Get active. Get outside. Create activities inside. This will build unity and create a lasting memory that your children will later thank you for.  Let your pride down and ask for help if you need it and be open to wisdom and advice from mature and seasoned mothers and fathers.  Satan comes to steal, keel, and destroy. He wants to separate and with the weak he starts his attack. You must do everything within your power to not let it happen. I does start with you.

Lastly, please do not humiliate your children in public or on social media. The suicide rate amongst our children is very real and it must be stopped.  Remember, it really does still take a village.

Be Blessed and encouraged.


  1. Too many try to be friends to their children. I personally think that children don't need adults as friends they need them for guidance and nurturing. And if you nurture a child up the right way, God's way, the friendship will come once they are grown.

    1. Amen Sis. I seen this behavior and it went extremely bad. Thank you fir stopping by my View. Hugs