Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Daddy's Girl

Happy Fathers Day to my Daddy. I know you are in a place of complete healing and rest. Being self-employed, you taught me how to paint, sheetrock, repair plumbing, lay carpet, and flooring. My fondest memory is of you taking my friends and I roller skating and seeing you for the first time roller skate by me going backwards. My Daddy was Super Cool. You taught me electrical repair, but I knew after a few volts, I was not the one and because of those volts, I DO not jump cars. I got cables though. You taught me that nothing in life is easy and you have to work hard and sacrafice to get what you need. You told me to teach my children as best I could. You taught me how to have a plan even though I did not execute them at times. You taught me to think. You taught me by example of how an honest man is to present himself at all times.

Daddy you set the bar high in so many ways. I could not have been prouder to call you my Daddy as a child. I was proud to see you walk the halls at school or sitting in the principles office, and sometimes waiting for me after school. Sitting in the pews watching me sing in the chior. You took me around many civic leaders in our community, foundation. You taught me to learn when people were laughing at you or with you. You taught me what it was like to always be honest. Though you knew I was plucking out my own feathers, you had the patience to wait and let me hit the ground, scoop me up and tell me again. I got it and your words and the smile in your eyes let me know, you were proud.

Even though I ignored much up until adulthood,  thank you for all of the knowledge you shared and shown. Thank you for loving and respecting Mommy until she passed. I remember what you said, and I cherish those words. You told me to keep an eye on my lil brother George Moore III as best I can. I understood what you meant. He is good. Thank you for laying the foundation. You are always present in my heart. You often said,  don't take no wooden nickels and that it is okay to cry, just don't cry for attention, but for a solution. I got it. I love you Daddy.

Happy Father's Day Mr. Moore aka Big Moore from your Lil Moore.

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