Sunday, June 21, 2015

Responsibility - Own It

To all of you men who have fathered children but have no participation in raising those children. You are doing a disservice. You are an insult to the creed God gave. It is your responsibility to be up front and center. It is not your right to ignore one child but claim the other.

To the woman who do not demand or allow his participation in his children lives, you are a part of the dysfunction that that child will carry be it birthed by you or another. If you are a wife and you are blocking him from his children before you, you are disrespecting your husband, if you demand him present in the children you two created but not in the ones before you, you are guilty as charged. Turn it around. Get your emotions in check, it is not about you, it is about the children.

Stop feeding lies and discord. Stop playing the victim. Stop labeling by calling men who are trying dead beats. Stop thinking the government system will fix your problem just because of a right of child support. That program is in place for a reason not an excuse. Remember, you are a part of the problem too. You can not teach a child if you are not teaching the truth of his or her true identity. One day all will be held accountable for the action or the lack of action. There will be a cost to pay and dearly you both will pay. You men will never earn the respect due you if you cast your seed away as trash. You will not be rewarded but penalized and convicted. Unhappy fathers day to you. I can not celebrate any man who is not doing his part. It is like registering to vote but not voting, your voice is not counted.

Now, to those men who have tried but are blocked at every road, give it to God because He can make a crooked path straight. I understand woman so I know the games they play in using the child as a pawn or meal ticket. I understand a woman who mistreats a child because of the father. I understand the thought of a woman who says, if you won't be with me, you can't see your child. God will turn it around in His time. God will show that child the road to you, you just be prepared. Set aside a savings account for that child, write letters to that child and save them. Create a life for yourself that when that child finds you, you can be a blessing and not a curse. Create a positive legacy, that is your responsibility.

Be Blessed

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