Thursday, June 18, 2015

Be Unstoppable

We are six months into the New Year. With summer now upon us and the children out of school, I am sure you are wondering where the time went and you suddenly realize you have gotten off track. Get up. Get moving. Go back and revisit your list. Get back in the game because you are a winner and you can't stop now.

I started my life changes in November 2014.  I call them life changes because I am a firm believer that anything you do should result in change in your life, for the rest of your life. One of my life changes was related to my weight and overall health. Most of you know who follow my blog that I suffer from cervical spinal stenosis. This is a chronic condition of the spine where the bones are pressing into the spinal cord. This condition can cause severe pain and numbness. And when I say severe, I mean just that. This condition can leave you in so much pain, you can only lay down and pray for relief.  I am not discouraged, but yet I am convinced of the word that tells me that I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength. You can too. There is victory and power in those word.
We have a duty to present ourselves unstoppable. It does not matter what the change is as long as it gives you accomplishment and growth. The change should bless others and point them to our loving Savior Jesus Christ. Your life change is not only for you, it is also for those who watch you, love you and care for you. Whatever it is that you wish to change in your life should be noticed in the way you talk, the way you talk, and most importantly in the way you smile.  Your life change should bring about a new attitude rendering you, unstoppable.

I leave you with this word. Meditate on this and step on into your greatness.


Today, is a day for a fresh start--a new beginning.  For those who have heard my word and heard my desire; For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, I will take you further into the realm of my kingdom than ever. In the excitement of that which you see and know, you will be compelled to live and flourish in the kingdom of Almighty God. 
So, I say to you today, begin again.  Begin in the strength and the power that I provide. 

Become one with Me and walk with Me, and your life will take on a brand new, fresh meaning, says the Lord.

Be Blessed

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