Monday, January 18, 2016

Lift Every Voice

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect on his vision and purpose. We reflect on all that as happened and will happen in civil and human rights. Many celebrations are under way and for that, I think it is important for the youth to be present in learning their history, full and an uncut.

As we cry out and mourn the loss of the young and old due to senseless violence, let us continue to lift our voices for justice and peace. The voice and message of Dr. King still rings truth today, and as we see in the media, we are a long way from that promise land spoken so eloquently by Dr. King. Though the nation celebrates the man whose voice was silenced due to the fight for justice, we should continue every day the journey in the same pursuit.  We should shout loud every day for justice and peace. We should not let a tragedy drive us out of the shadows. We must step forward boldly and with confidence bringing awareness to that which we know is right.
As we celebrate, let us take into account the message, the life, and legacy of a man whose loud voice was a beacon of hope. Though his voice was silenced, we must rise up and stand in the gap. This can only be done in unity. Divided we all fall, united we can all stand. Look at ways that you can be a part of the solution. Create a business, write a book, and help someone you know in business. Learn financial literacy and investment. Education is key. Purchase and read books by our black historians. Attend and support local events that are in the pursuit of building community. As I was listening to one of Dr. King’s speeches, he spoke on putting black money into black business and to stop putting money into businesses that do not serve the black communities. It starts with us if we are going to see change. We must without a doubt be the change we desire to see. We cannot be the solution if we are burning down businesses and destroying the lands on which we live. We cannot be the solution if we are turning a blind eye to the injustice that is in our faces, up close and personal. No, this will not be the solution. Destruction of any kind is just that, destruction.

My brothers and sisters, we have work to do, not today but every day. We have doors to knock down and windows to pull out by its frames. We must educate and be educated on the cause and effect of let freedom ring. We must stand proud and support the causes that enrich our communities. God’s word tells us to leave a legacy for our children’s children. This will take hard work and tenacity. We must break the cycles of mediocrity, racial hatred, and generational destructions. We must embrace and unite boldly and without apology. Our culture story has been and is still at risk. If, Black Wall Street of Oklahoma can be snuffed out, what do you think can still happen to us as an African American people? What will you do to be a part of, lifting every voice?


  1. Prejudice is a sin. I am grateful for the great visionary that was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you for your beautiful blog post. I am most grateful. Have a blessed day.

  2. Oh, I didn't answer the question (typical for ditzy alice). I will continue to try to speak out against prejudice whenever I hear it. I will try to do my part to make the Rev. Dr. King's vision of a "beloved community," inclusive of all, into reality.

  3. Beautifully written! I will continue to use the glorious pen, the written word and every platform I have to enrich, educate, and empower people by speaking out against social injustice against all people.