Sunday, January 10, 2016

Seasons of Change

For the past few years I have been uncomfortable. Health issues, financial issues, family crisis, uncomfortable. It has been the same thing, day in and day out, year after year, the same. Much growth but no real satisfaction. Routine. Just existing in a space that I know I no longer fit in, by God’s design.  A hexagon trying to be pushed into a triangle. God has been nudging, sparking, and releasing His requests, a mandate to do what He has said to do. Talking with my aunt today she said this, many hear God clearly, but are not willing to be truly obedient to His call. It is like asking the Lord to flick a light to prove He spoke that magic word. Crazy uh? Yes. We all fall short.
For a while now, I have felt the nudge to do some things that I have not done.  I have tried to do some things to avail. Yes, I am doubtful. Yes, I am waiting for the light to flicker. Well, it has flickered and burst into flames. This past Friday, I had a moment that caused me extreme anger. I mean picture Jesus in the Synagogue tossing tables and flipping cages type of anger. My spirit was absolutely vexed by the feelings I had in that moment. Exhausted and on fire, I was ready for battle. Anger engulfed me and I allowed that anger to spark, simmer, and boil.

Looking back, I am aware of my lack of emotional control.  I am also aware that I have held on to so much emotional control that the dam ruptured. Today, I have been reminded. Along with that reminder, a confirmation that seasons change. And just as the season changes, so must I in order to carry out the will of God and the plans that He has for me. I reach back to my scripture for this new season, Isaiah 58:8-9 knowing that His way is better. We must always remain in the posture of, thy will be done Lord, not mine.
My brothers and sisters, listen clearly to the Abram call. We are 9 days into 2016. Let’s not do one more thing as usual, but unusual.  In Genesis 12, God spoke to Abram and told him clearly what to do. God does the unusual. He has told you the what, the when, and maybe the where. Answer the call. As hard and as scary as that call will be, answer swiftly and in faith. The one thing we must always remember, obedience to God is a requirement of the chosen.  As I write this post, I am empowered, encouraged, and assured that God will do just what He said He will do. I am answering the call. Will you?

Be Blessed

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