Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Love

Today I had the blessing of having some of my family over for Sunday dinner.  My sons, a few of my grand children, my nieces and nephews. Great great nieces. My long time girl friend of 40 years. Everyone brought a dish and we fellowshipped. It really did not take much. Even with the rain, it was good. Jokes and laughter. My newest grandson being loved by all and the older children eating up the potato chips, Barbeque was their favorite. Basketball game on in the back of the house, the men. Movie and healthy gossip in the front of the house, us woman. Video game noise, pots and pans, spoons and forks all doing their job.

Your family are all you have and it is important to love on them long and hard. Why? Because of life. Because the children grow up and move on. Because the elders get old.
Because God calls His angels home. If you have your family with you love on them. Show it not just speak it. If you don't have your family, gather the ones closest to you. There is nothing better then time.

I am happy and I am blessed. I am not always in the best of good spirits living with chronic pain but today, was good medicine.

Take the time and gather round, memories cannot be made if you don't make them.

Peace be unto you.

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