Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jump And Fly

Walking on the bridge to get to that spot. You see how high it is but your ready, so you tell yourself. Sweat dripping down your face, you are wondering if you have lost what's left of your mind. Your friends cheer you on shouting you can do it. You ask yourself are they really my friend?  You are not so sure about anything. because you have made many bad choices in the past that have resulted in failure. You have shouted to yourself that you will or won't do this or that. Sound familiar?

Now your on that iron bridge ready to take the leap of faith to your possible death that is, if that cord snaps. That cord is buckled to the rail and to your ankles. You have put all of your faith in that little buckle. Your ready. You jump.

That is faith in knowing. You sit in a chair without thought. It holds you. You get in your car ready to get to your destination, it takes you. Working faith is the same way. You seek the unknown knowing you will achieve it. Our faith wavers in sheer uncertainty. But trusting in God is sure and swift. He will carry you, hold you up but the thing is, you don't physically see Him doing it. That's the faith believing in a thing hoped for. Its time. Time take that leap of faith and let God do the rest. His word says, I have gone to prepare a place for you.  He knows you will come. Faith.

My encouragement for you today is to step. Step out on that mustard size faith and live your best life. You have the power to see it now go and achieve it. Moses led without knowing. Obedience and faith. Noah built the Ark, without water. Obedience and faith.  Abraham left to go into a land he was not aware of, he was told to go. Lets not forget his son whom he was going to sacrifice. Get my point.

If they can so can you. Jump and fly

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