Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lost Focus

Lent is the Christian season of preparation leading up to Easter that starts on Ash Wednesday and continues for 40 days. A time to clearly review the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  A time to review our lives, to pray earnestly seeking forgiveness and forgiving others, a time of repentance. To fast. A denial of something be it certain foods, television, social media whatever that has the most of our attention. We all have something we can give up. Something we can deny ourselves all for a better connection to Christ.

So much has happened in my life these past 3 months, I can honestly say I have given up nothing. Not that I did not want to. It is because I unintentionally allowed other things to distract me. Today has been a day of reflection. I talk to the Lord as if He is sitting right here with me, which he is. I read the Word of God daily and I meditate on His Word but, I have lost focus.

Today is my start in really seeking more, fasting honestly. My weakness is sugar any kind of sugar, this is what I am going to focus on giving up. I also will be seeking God more in regards to my health and the mission that He has for me.  I can share this because I want you to know, I am human and I mess up and in these past 24 days, I have missed it.

So as you read the daily posts that I share on Lent, which I did not write please take some time to renew and refresh. Take time to forgive yourself and others and allow God to do the work in you that only He can.

Be Blessed

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